Patrick Justin (P. J.) White was born in Stoneham, PA on January 16th, 1873. He began his career with the Pickett Hardware Co., a subsidiary of the Oil Well Supply Co. in Warren, PA. When the Kansas and Oklahoma fields were discovered, the Oil Well Supply Co. selected Mr. White as its western representative and manager, and in 1903 he established headquarters at Chanute, KS. In 1909, he resigned his position with the Oil Well Supply Co. and became president of the Exchange National Bank in Tulsa in 1909. In 1916, he resigned as bank president to devote his time to oil operations.

Mr. White was married to Miss Frances Ann Laing in New Orleans on February 10th, 1913. They had a son, Patrick Justin White, Jr. 

Source:  Petroleum and Natural Gas Register 1917-1918 (public library)