Name: Rivercrest Location/Sales Office: Stonegate Drive (south of Linden Road) Type: Single-family homes Units: 8 low-income units and 17 moderate-income units. Status: Under construction Website: Khov Phone Number: (916) 372-2145

Name: Marshall Crossing Location/Sales Office: Marshall Road (west of Jefferson Blvd.) Type: Half-plex homes Units: 4 low-income units and 8 moderate-income units. Status: Under construction Website: Parkland Homes Phone Number: (916) 372-7801

Name: River Landing at Southport Location/Sales Office: 2862 Rogue River Circle (from Jefferson Blvd. turn left/go east on Linden Road and left on Mojave Drive) Type: Single-family homes Units: 12 low-income units and 4 moderate-income units. Status: Under construction Website: Pacific Mountian Homes Phone Number: (916) 376-8438

Name: Hideaway-Bridegeway Lakes Location/Sales Office: 3955 Collins Street (in Bridgeway Lakes near Southport Parkway) Type: Half-plex homes Units: 11 affordable half-plex homes, including 8 moderate-income units and 3 low-income units. Status: Under construction Website: Shea Homes Phone Number: (916) 376-0152

Bryte/ Broderick/ Washington

Name: Harriet Lane Location/Sales Office: 5th and E Street Type: Townhomes Units: 29 market rate homes and 5 inclusionary homes comprised of 3 moderate-income and 2 very-low income dwellings. Status: A limited number of moderate and very low-income units may still be available. Website: Harriet Lane Phone Number: (800) 543-3432

Name: Ironworks at Triangle Location/Sales Office: Triangle area near Raley Field - sales office now open Type: High density project. Detached Lofts, Detached Homes, and Half-plex units. Units: 196 total units at buildout. Some moderate-income units Status: Under construction Website: Regis Homes Phone Number: (916) 372-4521