If you recently moved to West Sacramento, it is important to remember that all weather is relative. Somebody from the mid- west might love the incredibly mild and comfortable winters. Somebody from the golf area (Florida, Mississippi, Louisianna) might find the dry summers mild and comfortable compared to their hummidity. Someone from Southern California might be miserable year-round. Everybody has different comfort levels.

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West Sacramento summers are hot. High temperatures are regularly in the high 90s or above. On particularly hot days the temperature reaches into the 100s and this can last for up to weeks at a time, though such extended highs are rare. We almost never get summer thunderstorms and there is virtually no rain at all during the summer. The average low temperature for a July night is 56°F (source: Weather.com) which means sleeping at night can be quite comfortable even though it is so hot during the day.


Early fall in West Sacramento is only slightly cooler than summer. Notable concomitants of the season are trees that sport leaves of brilliant red, orange, and yellow. Around this time a small farmers market pops up on Sunday's at Whitey's Jolley Kone.


West Sacramento winters can be quite chilly but does not often go below freezing. The average high in December is about 54°F and the average low is about 36°F (source: Weather.com). There is often a lot of fog which warms things up a little, but winter is basically the period that it rains. It can also get very windy. If the trees haven't already lost their leaves during our brief fall season, they lose them now. So break out the rakes. Fog is a major problem this time of year. West Sacramento is like a island. With the Sacramento River, American River, the Deep Water Channel and many lakes fog is a major part of the city life this time of year. To make sure you and your children are safe durring commute time give yourself a little extra time to get to school and work.


Spring is perhaps the nicest time of year, with occasional rain and a lot of Delta Breeze to keep it from getting too hot. You'll find many parts of West Sacramento to explode with spring flowers. Many areas ( Mostly Bryte, Brodrick & Washington) have lots of cotton wood trees and when they are in bloom watch out allergies. Not surpringly, those with allergy problems will begin to suffer with the coming of this season, as the central valley of California is infamous for being a death pit of allergies.

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