A review is just a comment from someone who has patronized a particular place. If you've visited a business or other place that we need a review for, just type your review into the "Comments" box at the bottom of the page. Describe what the place was like and what you liked and disliked about it.

If the page of the business you want to review does not have a "Comments" box to type your review into, click the "Edit" icon at the top of the page and add the macro text [[Comments]] to the bottom of the page. The press the "Save Changes" button. You will see the edited version of the page, which should now have a "Comments" box at the bottom.

To add a review request to a wiki page, click the "Edit" icon at the top of the page and add the macro text [[Include(ReviewRequest)]] to the top of the page.

When you post a review of a local business, keep in mind that your review will reflect on you as much as on the business or other page you are reviewing. If you do not include your real name to establish your identity as an unbiased customer, your review will have little weight in readers' minds. Also, bear in mind that business owners are people too, and sometimes people have "off days" that are not typical of them.

If you are a business owner yourself, please read Wiki Editing Tips for Business Owners.

It is generally best not to remove old reviews. However, if a business has undergone a significant change in management style or personnel, it is appropriate to leave a comment suggesting that old reviews should no longer be considered relevant. If other editors agree with that assessment, they may delete the old comments.

Fulfilling review requests is a great way to get out and around the Yuba-Sutter area and try stuff out. Sort of like a scavenger hunt. Following is a list of pages that link to this "Review Requests" page, which makes a good place to begin your hunt. Have fun!

Current Wiki Review Requests: