Hey, My name is Bryce. I was one of many Transfer students at UC Davis from 2008 to 2011. I majored in Political Science and minored in Community and Regional Development


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2008-11-08 21:56:16   Welcome to the Wiki. Are you sure about where the county line is between Yolo and Solano County? If you've got a clear reference on where the line is I'd really like to see it as I've seen several interpretations of where it runs. —JasonAller

2008-11-09 03:07:07   On the Solano Park page, ChrisRodgers said that the county line moved in 1992 to put the land in Yolo County. —NickSchmalenberger

2008-12-28 09:59:33   If you disagree with something, why not just edit that entry? It's not like some authority created that information — it's just somebody like you. —JabberWokky

2009-07-03 21:25:17   Hey Bryce, if you know the information about Davis Christian Assembly's meetings, could you go ahead and change the information? This entire site is written by people like you (it's a community effort, where everybody who notices something that needs a slight fix contributes a little bit, and the entire community benefits from helping each other). You can click the "Edit" icon to edit any entry on the entire wiki. There's nobody "in charge" to make corrections; it's just fellow human beings all working together. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-11-22 05:23:31   Thanks for the account of the Causeway Classic. There's nothing here about you however. —BruceHansen

2011-02-24 13:26:52   Hey Bryce - I resized that photo for you. No worries about uploading large images, if you can't figure it out, somebody will help you. That's what's great about the wiki. If you want to learn to do it, there's help with images. —JabberWokky