I am Davey Reed. I was a confused third year Classics student at UC Davis. I am now doing an individual major in folklore. I live in the co-ops yay, specifically Pierce Co-Op. I used to live in Davis Student Co-Op My life is very fucked up right now. Feel free to say hi.


I am currently interested in mythology and folklore, and hope to attend graduate school at either UC Berkeley, or U of Oregon. These plans change frequently though, and very likely will change again by the end of this year.

I also enjoy various activities, from watching movies, to listening to music. My current favorite bands include death cab, radiohead, built to spill, and cake among many others, so contact me if they are playing in the area. Recently I have started to shoot nature Photography, including scenery and landscape shots, and wish to continue this in the future.

The current loves in my life include my family, as well as my cats.

My Life

I was born in Berkeley 21 years ago. Shortly after my family moved to Davis, where I have spent most of my life. I have traveled to a few places in central and south America, and last spring PELPed and went to New Zealand. It was wonderful.


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2008-07-30 22:41:06   awesome kittys you have there! —StevenDaubert