I moved from San Francisco to Davis in 2008 when my wife was accepted to the School of Veterinary Medicine. In the Bay Area I worked on various gadgets but there seems be very little opportunity for this sort of thing in Davis so I continue to consult for clients back that way. Engineering can be rewarding but playing guitar is what I love to do.


Alt.Country Music, Twangy Guitars, Harmony and Chord Theory

Embedded Systems Programming

Programming (Python, C++/C, C#)

Good Movies and Television

You can also find me on Facebook.


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2010-05-20 20:55:23   Hello and welcome to the Wiki! What kind of gadgets did you work on? Anything a superhero wannabe might be interested in? Perhaps a grappling gun? —hankim

2010-05-21 07:38:49   I had written the following, but you accidentally wrote over it when you created this entry. The sentiment still stands: Howdy, Kenny. Great photo of the nixie tubes. If you couldn't figure it out, you can add them to your entry (this page) by adding the code [[Image(Nixie.jpg)]] to your page. Welcome to the Wiki! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-05-23 15:06:33   hanKim: Well, if you take apart the gadgets and rearranged them you could probably make things that would be useful for your utility belt. For some reason nearly every gadget contained a laser. Unfortunately the one with the highest power was on the order of 20 milliwatts so you would have to train in on a supervillan for some time before they would feel its effect. —KennyKoller