Kim Nguyen is a big dork. He's is a UC Davis alumni. Also a brother in the Chi Phi Fraternity. In certain circles he is often referred to as TOB, or Tits on a Bull, which basically means hes worthless. Despite this nickname and reputation, he has managed to get accepted into a graduate program at San Diego State and is currently completing his thesis. He also holds two jobs, one working at the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services as a research analyst/emergency coordinator and the other at the URS corporation as a Homeland Security WMD exercise planner.

Often accused of being a TV addict by Abby, he is an avid follower of shows such as 24, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Rescue Me and CSI. he annoys AbbyLawson when he visits by watching ANIME really loudly in the living room. although he is not an avid anime fan, he is very addicted to the Gundam Seed japanese TV show and hes damn proud of it.

Despite his somewhat odd friendship to AbbyLawson, they have formed an impromptu Gossip Circle along with AriLevy and their place of residence has come to be known as 'Banglewood'. AbbyLawson has also become Kim Nguyen's version of 1-800-FLOWERS and is currently dating his best friend, Ari Levy who is the business manager of the Bike Barn on campus.

Kim is an incredibly large asian despite the fact that he is fully Vietnamese. No one ever beleives that he is full Asian, Ana. Never before has she seen such a large asian man and he sometimes scares her.

KimNguyen can be seen about once every other month in Davis to visit his best friends at Chi Phi. He can also be seen eating at restaurants such as Silver Dragon and his previous place of employment, Steve's Place Pizza.