condemned2bfree is a writer, philosopher, husband, avid skier, aspiring lawyer and all around jovial 30-something Davis resident. He's also married to Zeeba. He doesn't use his real name because, well, this is the Internet.

Of course, there is a huge debate about this on the DavisWiki these days, and I understand that some people have chosen to use their real names while posting. I say bravo to all of them, and that's not to be taken with sarcasm, but an honest bravo. However, I've chosen not to and when they outlaw pseudonyms, I'll cease to participate.

I really do appreciate what an amazing resource this Wiki is and I especially appreciate the hard work the "admins" do to keep it useful. I spend much of my time checking out all the recent updates. One thing I'm constantly on the lookout for are people who make outrageously bad comments. Oftentimes, people go so way over the top about a business that I know they are exaggerating. I also love the comedy of business owners who try to delete negative comments.

I started a controversy in November 2008 when I posted comments on business sites, the employees or owners of which contributed money to the "Yes on 8" campaign. I was admittedly a bit upset and ultimately agreed that just because the business employs someone who donated doesn't mean they should have to have those comments on their Wiki page. However, I do still firmly believe that owners who contribute to propositions or campaigns are fair game. This whole thing ultimately was turned into the Proposition 8 page, which is a fair representation.


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2008-11-16 00:17:28   In case you edit with your conscience, I thought it was appropriate that according to records, which you can look up at (, someone who uses the name condemned2bfree on DavisWiki, goes around on that site and makes pointless and irrelevant comments about political donations of employees on business pages. —WilliamLewis

2008-11-16 08:46:20   Welcome to the Wiki. It looks like WilliamLewis removed the comment you left on the Wiscombe's Davis Funeral Chapel page. I reverted the page back to the version that had your comment. It would really have helped the case if you had used your real name, but the wiki has always tolerated anonymity. There is a debate about the propriety of attaching the publicly available information about campaign contributions to business pages. Perhaps you can join that debate? I didn't revert the removal of the discussion from Sophia's Thai Kitchen because that seemed to be a case of an employee rather than a businesses owner making the donation. —JasonAller

2008-11-21 14:38:47   Indeed. Bagels make my world go round. —StaceyEllis

2008-12-12 06:32:02   Thanks for your reply about Crescendo Home Theater, it was very informative and added alot to the page. I think it is actually a much better description of how Crescendo could be helpful to someone than what was written on the page before, which still seems like a lot of hype to me. I'd much rather see what a system is capable of, like what are the hookups, what media will it play, than how it will supposedly make me feel. Most people don't want to spend a lot of time researching equipment so it would be nice if they can tell Crescendo, here is my budget and I want to play LPs, CDs, and listen to the radio or something like that and he will say I think this equipment best fits your stated requirements instead of it will knock your socks off and make steam come out your ears! You have said this is pretty much what he does, and I'll take your word for it he does it well, but its not reflected in the text he wrote on the page, and certainly not on his website. If anything I think it would be easier for him to just describe some example setups he has done and some pictures would be awesome too. The site would be much more accessible than with flash, blind people browse the web and listen to the stereo too after all. Also he says his system will prevent fighting others for the popcorn which I think is an outrageous lie. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-04-07 01:57:15   There actually already is a page about cockroaches, but it could definitely use some improvement. —JonathanLawton

2009-04-14 07:46:46   Just because the Circle Ks are not related doesn't mean we can't talk about their non-relationship. —NickSchmalenberger

  • I agree with Nick... the coincidence of names is mildly amusing and potentially confusing, and a note about it makes sense. I know I mildly wondered if there was a historical connection a la Guinness beer and the records book. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
  • OK. I just didn't want to come off as making fun of people who are doing community service, even if it is a funny name. —condemned2bfree

2009-04-22 18:49:50   Sorry, by the time I got to the end of the list Zeeba looked like Zweena Imports. —JasonAller

2012-09-16 18:56:02   Do you have any new recommendations for home theater installation in Davis? The folks at Crescendo have left town. —PeggyEnderle