I'm a donor.










• making coffee
• taking pictures
• invisibility
• ice cream
• unicorns
• Ti-89

Hi Ian Tillman!


I enjoy taking pictures. Photography is cool.

Here are some pictures I've taken:

space upper market bicycles cart


doves milk farm barn owl


You can see more stuff on my flickr account.


I also do the Random Camera project, which includes silly pictures like these:

smiles piano bar monkey hugs and friends shields


I also like to make photograms with instant film. Here are some polagrams I've made:

butcher's apron ivy wild strawberry japanese maple with extra lobe


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Is your brother James Tolentino? If so, I went to school with him. -JamesSchwab

Yes, James is my brother. He's doing graphic design in Venice Beach. He also enlightened me on bacon dogs. -JeffTolentino

2015-03-05 15:21:59   Looks like the help docs for mapping are out of date (on the guide site), but it's pretty simple-- I'm just using the search box that's inside of the map editor. It pulls in a geographic area from OpenStreetMap. It only works some of the time -- the name has to be in openstreetmap, so it doesn't work with addresses (yet). But works really well for streets, lakes, parks, etc. —PhilipNeustrom

Update: I wanted to let you know that I updated the mapping guide page and included some information about how the map editor search works. Check it out over here: https://localwiki.org/main/MappingPhilipNeustrom

2016-04-14 16:01:32   Thanks! —DavidGrundler

2016-04-28 12:37:45   I am assuming that Brent is being humorous in his talk of paid editors. The edit comments have traditionally been a place for meta-humor -- often as a tactic to deter hostility over conflict in views by keeping things light hearted, the same reason hospital walls are painted bright colors -- and he's a traditional (i.e., been around for a long time) editor. I certainly know my edit comment was goofy humor toward the same goal. If people set at each other in grim determination, it is harder to communicate or find common ground. On the other hand, being too flippant can similarly cause conflict escalation (thus this direct reply, as it clearly was doing so for you). Unless Brent weighs in to the contrary, I will personally continue assuming it was humor that flopped. I do agree it is edgy and easy to mistake for a real accusation. As an almost unrelated aside, I will say that I certainly do get renumerated for my editing in terms of personal satisfaction. Just not monetarily. —JabberWokky

2016-04-28 13:19:31   Calling it out was reasonable. My first gut instinct was, "that's a bad joke, because it'll easily become a rumor or assumed fact if a non-wiki-savvy person reads it." Part of the reason I jumped on it was to make it more clear it was a joke (part of keeping it light hearted, as I state above). That's why I took your calling it out as a serious statement. I did just ask Brent about it too, on the slim chance he's actually serious about it. —JabberWokky