I'm a donor.










• making coffee
• taking pictures
• invisibility
• ice cream
• unicorns
• Ti-89

Hi Ian Tillman!


I enjoy taking pictures. Photography is cool.

Here are some pictures I've taken:

space upper market bicycles cart


doves milk farm barn owl


You can see more stuff on my flickr account.


I also do the Random Camera project, which includes silly pictures like these:

smiles piano bar monkey hugs and friends shields


I also like to make photograms with instant film. Here are some polagrams I've made:

butcher's apron ivy wild strawberry japanese maple with extra lobe


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Is your brother James Tolentino? If so, I went to school with him. -JamesSchwab

Yes, James is my brother. He's doing graphic design in Venice Beach. He also enlightened me on bacon dogs. -JeffTolentino

2015-03-05 15:21:59   Looks like the help docs for mapping are out of date (on the guide site), but it's pretty simple-- I'm just using the search box that's inside of the map editor. It pulls in a geographic area from OpenStreetMap. It only works some of the time -- the name has to be in openstreetmap, so it doesn't work with addresses (yet). But works really well for streets, lakes, parks, etc. —PhilipNeustrom

Update: I wanted to let you know that I updated the mapping guide page and included some information about how the map editor search works. Check it out over here: https://localwiki.org/main/MappingPhilipNeustrom