Random Camera is a local photo project that involves leaving a camera outside with a sign asking people to take random pictures.

It is run by jefftolentino



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2008-09-19 12:00:28   How do you know no one will steal the cameras? —ElleWeber

2008-09-19 12:50:01   I'm guessing it's the hope people won't, if not just get an old camera, or even better a disposable and you minimize the loss... —StevenDaubert

2008-09-19 12:52:40   The cameras are cheap cameras from thrift stores and tied to something with string. I think i'm also pretty trusting of people. I did have one camera stolen, but most people read the sign and get what's going on. Eitherway, its not a big loss and getting cool pictures back when they don't get stolen is usually worth it. —jefftolentino

2008-09-20 16:18:26   Added some new ones today. Half a roll from Delta of Venus and the remainder from the eggheads by the art building. A bunch of them came out dark or blurred out so sorry if you didn't make it. Otherwise, thanks for a fun roll guys. —jefftolentino

2008-09-30 11:30:42   Posted a few more today, some from shields library and some from the coffee house, all on the same roll. A number came out multiple exposed (yeah, its a shit camera), but some of which I'm pretty stoked on. —jefftolentino

2008-10-08 23:44:25   In addition to updating this page today, I stuck some more up on the full set. —jefftolentino

2008-10-09 10:37:41   this project is pretty savage! —StevenDaubert

2008-10-09 12:45:19   This is awesome! —CurlyGirl26

2008-10-09 21:18:01   This is a great idea. —EdHenn

2008-10-17 15:49:44   More up in the main set today. I had a camera in the coffee house, but had some problems with the flash. Looks like a lot of people used it, but almost all of them came out black. :( —jefftolentino

2008-10-23 23:20:21   Got a nice roll this week and uploaded to the main set tonight. —jefftolentino

2008-10-23 23:59:34   Very interesting project, I hope to find it in the wild one day —JimL

2009-04-08 17:28:44   One of these is a picture of me! haha I remember finding the camera and debating with a friend if it was a joke, if there was film in the camera, or if it was some sort of psych experiment and we were being taped to see if we would actually take a picture! —mnranns

2010-04-19 00:06:12   Been pretty active with this project lately. Got some good ones over the last couple weeks. —jefftolentino

2010-04-19 00:17:56   How do you make sure the camera gets returned? —IDoNotExist

2010-04-19 00:20:31   I usually tie them to something, and I use cheap thrift store cameras. —jefftolentino

2010-04-19 14:02:14   What a cool idea Jeff! Love all the photos! Hope you're keeping busy at the office too :) —LeeY

2010-04-19 19:31:33   this project is still awesome, piano bar is a nice one. Longboard injury is gnarly, and the swirling upset girl is intriguing —StevenDaubert

2010-04-19 20:12:06   Thanks guys, its been fun for me too. Lee, nice to hear from you! —jefftolentino

2011-03-31 20:31:48   Added some new pics tonight. It was a beautiful week for random camera. I left some little friends to guard the camera and keep people from using it. They didn't to a very good job though. —jefftolentino

2011-04-09 22:19:35   Added a few more tonight. —jefftolentino