410 First is a proposed development project on the 400 block of North First Street in Ann Arbor, adjacent to the fish sculpture park. The site plan is SP14-058.  Tom Fitzsimmons is the developer.

 (410 First should not be confused with Kingsley Parkside, a duplex proposal for the east edge of the park.)



5 October 2015. Resolution to Approve 410 First Site Plan and Development Agreement. Item 15-1136.

29 September 2015. 412 North First Street Right-of-Way Vacation for City Council Approval - A request to vacate a City-owned right-of-way on a portion of the lot at 412 N. First Street, as part of the 410 First Site Plan proposal. Ward 1. Staff Recommendation: Approval. Agenda item 15-1202.

18 August 2015: Again on the City Planning Commission agenda with a revised site plan, agenda item 15-1035. Revised site plan includes a green rooftop patio.

19 May 2015: On the City Planning Commission agenda. "410 First Site Plan for City Council Approval - A proposal to demolish two residential buildings and construct a four-story, 25-unit, 47,140-square foot residential building on a 0.44 acre site located at 408-412 North First Street. Parking for 36 vehicles will be provided in a lower-level parking garage, as will access to 5 parking spaces on the property to the south. The proposed building is to be elevated above the 100-year floodplain, which covers the site."