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This is a collaborative, community-driven effort to share the local info about the Ypsilanti, Michigan area. You are invited to share what you know about the Ypsilanti area with the community and the whole world! It is a guide written by YOU.

Anyone can edit this website. Just click Edit at the top any page and jump in. Your contributions will help make YpsiWiki even more useful. Can't find a page on something? Make one! The power is at your fingertips. (For those unfamiliar with the way local wikis work, we highly recommend you go to this page at ArborWiki)

This site is largely based on the hugely successful and community-driven ArborWiki page, which has helped thousands of residents select providers, places to go and other interesting tidbits about the city. While those of us in Ypsilanti have found this site useful, we feel it is high time to create a list that specifically caters to residents of Ypsilanti.