800 Railroad Street, on the north side of Ypsilanti, housed various, generally short-lived, industrial uses over time until its purchase by the Ypsilanti public schools in the early 1970s for use as a school bus depot.  The property has sat vacant since approximately 2010, when the school district began contracting out busing, though was temporarily in use as a resale shop by the YPS Foundation.

From the Wikibin page "Ypsilanti resale shop":

800 Railroad Street gained its address upon construction in 1910. The locally owned and managed company Lewis-Geer Manufacturing first occupied the space to make lawn and porch furniture. They became an automotive manufacturing company in 1918, however by 1924 they had switched to manufacturing coaster wagons. The site became vacant in 1933 during the great depression. In 1936 the Hammond Aircraft Corp. used the space to manufacture Glider aircrafts for one short year (there was a glider runway south of Willow Run Airport). In 1937 the Wood-Owen Trailer Co. made trailers there for a year then went out of business and again the building was empty for two years. In 1940 Babcock & Malcom adopted the space, a year later it became home to Huron Felt Products Co. With the coming of WWII in 1942, Central Specialty Co. had a plant there manufacturing parts for, and servicing, military vehicles. Eventually they adopted the name King-Seely Corp. and began a thermos manufacturing operation in 1962. The Central Specialty div. of King-Seely started sharing the warehouse with the Ypsilanti Board of Education in 1968. From 1972 until current, the Ypsilanti Public School District occupies the building with their bus maintenance shop and garage.

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