The Argus Camera Company was a maker of cameras and photographic products founded in 1936 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Argus originated as a subsidiary of the International Radio Corporation (IRC), founded by Charles Verschoor. The first Argus camera, known as the Argus Model A, was an immediate success as the first low-cost, easy-to-use 35mm film camera in the world. Thirty thousand cameras were sold in the first week at $12.50 each.

The manufacturing was done at the Argus Building on Fourth Street between Jefferson Street and Liberty Street on the near West Side of Ann Arbor.

Argus was acquired by Sylvania in 1959 and sold off in 1969, by which time it had ceased camera production. Some rebadged cameras continued to be sold under the Argus name through the 1970s. More recently, the Argus brand has been reestablished and is used on a variety of inexpensive digital cameras made by Argus Camera Company, LLC., located in Inverness, IL.

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