Bader Park pathway off of Provincial - easy to miss the path!

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Bader Park is a little over 1.5 acres in size and located off Provincial Drive east of Arlington. The access to this park is 10 foot wide and easy to miss if you don’t watch for it. An accessible asphalt path connects the Provincial to the new play equipment, basketball court, bike racks, and picnic tables. The park also features a small softball diamond for pickup games and a small sledding hill in the winter.

The park is nestled in the backyard of Fellowship Bible Church, 2775 Bedford Road. And while it's used little by the general public, the park is an asset treasured by the 100-member congregation and the surrounding neighborhood. Pastor Matt Postiff says his congregation worries the idea of the city selling parks could resurface in the future. So the church is now proposing to purchase the park from the city, and Postiff thinks he's found a way to make it work for both parties.