Common Cycle is the Ann Arbor Bicycle Co-operative.  Common Cycle is a 501(c)3 non-profit. It is volunteer run and provides access to specialty bike tools, guidance from expert volunteer mechanics and a workspace for community members to service their bicycles. Their service is free and emphasizes education; patrons should expect to participate in any repairs.

Note:  public programming such as open workshops and repair classes are currently on hold due to the Covid pandemic. (updated 6/1/2020)


Common Cycle is housed in their workshop at 416 W. Huron St., Suite #11.  At the workshop patrons can bring bikes for advice, help diagnosing problems with their bikes, fixing problems with their bike or to use work stands and specialty tools.  The workshop is open on Sunday 

Those interested in volunteering should join the google group, where volunteers are solicited weekly. Volunteers at any level of expertise are welcome; working with more experienced volunteers is a great way to learn!

Repair Classes

Common Cycle runs a 6-week bicycle maintenance and repair course in the Spring and Fall. The course is free (although a donation of $25 is suggested), with an expectation that students will subsequently contribute some of their newfound expertise at the Mobile Repair Stand.

Other Activities

One will often find Common Cycle volunteers at other bike-related events in the community (GetDowntown's Bike-To-Work day, the YMCA's Healthy Kids Day, the Mayor's Green Fair, etc.). They maintain a full event calendar on their website.

On the web

Common Cycle started in February 2010. We are a group of people that are both excited by bicycling and getting more people on the road with their bicycles. Every bicycle on the road makes Ann Arbor a better place.

In the news

IgniteA2 8: Do it Togther: Community Bike Repair in Ann Arbor

"With this outpouring of monetary and volunteer support, Raggett says the reason for Common Cycle's success is simple: as cycling's popularity has grown, a well-organized cycling community is now more valuable than ever."

The (Ann Arbor District Library) is considering teaming up with Common Cycle, a non-profit bike club, in an effort to provide free bike rentals to library patrons. Eric Jankowski is with Common Cycle. He says details are still being worked out, including what the late fees will be, and for how long a library patron can check out a bike.