According to state of Michigan business records, Harold W. Stark formed Electro Arc Manufacturing company in Detroit Michigan in May of 1947.  His development of the machine now known as the Electro Arc Metal disintegrator is mentioned in the Electrical Discharge machining wiki.  He patented the AC metal disintegrator in 1942.  As mentioned in several newspaper articles Harold W Stark purchased Harry Bennett’s ‘Castle’ located on Geddes road in Ann Arbor Michigan in May 1947. A publication by Washtenaw County Historical society’s Impressions published in March of 2000 states that Harry Bennett invited Harold Stark and his family to the castle to discuss purchase of the property and gave his son Harold Stark, who would later take over the business, his horse. It also mentions that In 1949 Harold Stark acquired the island across the river for Electro Arc.  The company continued to operate at 5260 Geddes road in Ann Arbor until July 1970 and then at 161 Enterprise drive in Ann Arbor until the company was sold to Keith Stillion, the owner of Stillion Industries in 2019.   

In 1998 Electro Arc published their first website, operating with the domain between 2004 and 2006.

Electro Arc's first website published

In July 1971 The Electro Arc F-5 carbide impregnator was mentioned in an article in Machinery called Carbide impregnation - Stepchild process with tremendous potential.

In 1975 Ames Precision joined forces with Electro Arc Manufacturing Company and they began to produce the Ames portable hardness tester line of hand held manual testers.

On May 15, 1955 in a press release Electro Arc manufacturing announced an upgrade to their metal disintegrator line ‘best equipped metal disintegrator’;  The Model HK-10QT was based on years of building custom machines for clients with large and heavy component work, providing features to handle the most demanding requirements with ease.  The press release states that Caterpillar USA owns two of these monster machines and are impressed with their performance and ease of use.

In 2006 Electro Arc upgraded their product line again with the Bolt eater, Carbide Zapper and molybdenum products.

In 2019 Harold Stark changed the company name to EA Manufacturing Co before selling the company to Keith Stillion in 2019 where the Electro Arc product line continues to be produced.