120 S State St, Ann Arbor MI


FUMCN cooperative preschool is a caring, stimulating, and secure place for children to learn and grow. We are located in downtown Ann Arbor. We encourage creative thinking and provide opportunities for problem solving to help expand your child’s mind. At FUMCN cooperative preschool, children learn by doing. Using a wide variety of materials, they touch, taste, smell, look, and listen. Our emphasis is on learning through play and social interaction.

Some distinctive benefits of our preschool include:

  • 3’s and 4’s classes, as well as a half-day Young Fives program
  • Experienced lead teacher AND (new for 2016-2017) assistant teacher in each classroom
  • New for 2016-2017: Fullest half-day programs of any Co-op Preschool program in the Ann Arbor Area:
    • 6 hours/week for 3’s class
    • 9 hours/week for 3/4’s class
    • 12 hours/week for 4’s class
    • 18 hours/week for Young 5’s class
  • Science Fridays (optional STEM-based enrichment)
  • Large classrooms where children can choose among activities, a library, and an outdoor playground
  • Sibling Care nursery to use when assisting in the classroom
  • Curbside drop-off and pick-up option
  • Historic church building in downtown Ann Arbor, bordering the University of Michigan and providing numerous walking field trip opportunities
  • Outstanding curriculum, including Handwriting Without Tears and a high level of parental involvement
  • Frequent special days and events, such as Mud Day, Around the World Day, Spring Sing
  • Two-year old playgroup
  • Social events for parents

Membership in the FUMCN cooperative preschool is open to everyone, regardless of race, creed, sex, family composition, or nationality and ethnic origin.

Preschool Curriculum : Play-based Learning

Our teaching philosophy centers on a developmentally appropriate curriculum with a focus on free choice and play. With input from parents, the teacher plans the program and creates imaginative and fun activities that encourage the children to be curious and creative. Field trips are also an integral part of our curriculum. Our teachers annually attend conferences and classes to stay current with educational trends.

Optional Enrichment

  • Science Fridays (optional STEM-based enrichment)
  • Two-year-old Playgroup


In our cooperative, parents in the 3’s and 4’s classes are assigned to help out in the classroom on a rotating basis. Parent involvement keeps our curriculum fresh and tuition affordable.  When you assist you are considered an Assistant Teacher.

Benefits of Assisting

FUMCN is grateful for parent involvement.  Assisting is a great way to:

  • be part of your child’s first formal learning experience
  • see your child interact with peers and other adults
  • generate new ideas about educational activities to do at home
  • keep preschool costs affordable
  • meet other families with 3 and 4 year olds from the Ann Arbor area.

Assist Routine
At the start of each day Ms Juli will have a short meeting to discuss the day’s play-based activities and answer any questions you may have.   The children have a free play while everyone is arriving to school.  Then the class gathers for circle time to introduce them to the theme of the day.  After circle time, as an assist, you will be in charge of one of the following areas:

  • A Room (A is for Art): Lots to do, many arts and crafts, plenty of clean up (paint, craft, snack), but the time passes really quickly.
  • B Room (B is for Big Play): You will have an assigned activity, but many kids play their own games and make their own fun. More potential for intervention/conflict resolution. Lots of action.
  • Q Room (Q is for Quiet): Often the fewest kids and the quietest room. Board games and the listening center are likely to fill your time.
  • E Assist (E is for Emergency): Bring snack, stuff mailboxes, assist in promenade drop off and playground supervision. Usually only present for the first and last half hour of the day, but may be called upon to substitute only in case of unanticipated scheduling conflicts.

Assist Assignments
Assists assignments are given a few weeks before the semester starts.  You will be asked for your availability before the master schedule is generated. You may state when you can and cannot assist, and then the scheduler will do his/her best to accommodate you.

  • If your child attends class 3 or 4 days per week, you end up assisting 10-12 times per term.
  • If your child attends class 2 days per week, you end up assisting 8-10 times per term.

Certain assist days offer childcare for younger siblings (for a modest fee) while parents are helping in the classroom.  Our scheduling software makes it easy to check your assist schedule online or request swaps.  Historically, most parents can find someone to take their assigned shift if a swap is needed, and the emergency assist assures that someone is available for any last minute scheduling conflicts.

Additional Responsibilities Outside Classes

  • Participate in two school maintenance work sessions/year
  • Fulfill assigned committee responsibilities

Please contact: membership {AT} fumcnpreschool {DOT} org if you have any concerns or questions about the assist process.



Young Fives Class

The Young Fives program is specially designed to teach skills that students need to start kindergarten. Your child will experience a fun, creative, encouraging environment while learning to work independently. Kindergarten skills and behavior are emphasized, while students are given the support they need to find success. The class size is limited to 12 students, this small class size allows for individualized instruction and one-on-one attention from our two excellent teachers.

Our curriculum is designed to “feel like” kindergarten and incorporates math, reading, writing, cooking, science, social studies, drama, music and movement. We also include library and gym, which mirror the “Specials” students experience in elementary school. Every week a new theme is explored and a weekly field trip is planned to enhance instruction. All themes are aligned with National Association of Educators for Young Children (NAEYC) guidelines, and supplemented with high quality children’s literature.

The Young Fives program gives your child the gift of time and self-esteem. Research shows that first grade curriculum has been “pushed down” into kindergarten programs. New and unrealistic expectations are particularly difficult for those children who may not be ready because of late summer or fall birthdays. The Fives program provides students with the opportunity to transition into kindergarten by mimicking the structure of an elementary school day.

Our Young 5’s program prepares children for Kindergarten. The FUMCN co-op preschool Young 5’s program is different from Kindergarten in that we use the themes of preschool with the structures of Kindergarten. This is achieved through:

  • Centers: pre-math, pre-literacy, Hand Writing without Tears, fine motor manipulatives, and art
  • Science activities
  • Art projects
  • Cooking as a class
  • Music and movement (example: Brain Gym, Zoophonics)
  • Directed play
  • Weekly “let’s find out” magazines
  • Social skills training (problem solving, conflict resolution, cooperation, fostering independence)
  • Weekly field trips to relate class themes to the real

Please contact: fivesadministrator {AT} fumcnpreschool {DOT} org for enrollment information!


In the early 1960's First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor established FUMCN preschool as an outreach to the community. As a program of the church, FUMCN preschool does not rent space, or pay for utilities or janitorial services. The school is insured under the church policy. Also, FUMCN preschool partners with the church to offer our teacher, Ms. Juli, retirement funding, which indicates the her high value to FUMCN preschool and aids in the continuity of her career at FUMCN preschool.