Frederic Henry Pease (1839-1909) was born in Farmington, Ohio, and moved to Ypsilanti in 1859, after studying music at Oberlin College, which his father had helped to found. After a stint of further study in Boston, in 1863, he returned to Ypsi, and was made a Professor of Music at the Michigan State Normal School. In addition to building the Normal School's music program, he taught at times in Ypsilanti's public schools, the Detroit Conservatory of Music, and Chicago's Cook County Normal School. Pease additionally wrote several books on music and composed numerous pieces.

Pease married his first wife, Josephine A. Dolson, in 1859, while she was a student at the Normal School. After her death in 1877, he married Abby Jean Hunter, a singer and teacher at Normal, in 1887.

In 1915, after Pease's death, the Normal School dedicated Pease Auditorium in his honor.



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