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The go!pass is a cornerstone of the getDowntown program, and is funded by the DDA '(orly?)'. An effort to encourage employees of downtown businesses away from driving to work, alleviating both traffic and parking congestion, the go!pass allows the holder to ride all AATA buses for free. Downtown businesses may buy into the program at a cost of $10 per employee (2011-2012 pricing).

The average go!pass holder is not a full-time bus rider - the program is intended to expand people's commuting habits by encouraging increased use of Park and Ride lots, allowing people to bike to work with promise of a free bus ride if it's raining at 5 pm, or otherwise modifying people's behavior from "driving always" to "driving sometimes".

A DDA report from December 2005 indicates that more than 5,000 downtown employees hold go!passes; a study by University of Michigan Professor Jonathan Levine, available on the DDA's website, shows that the go!pass frees up more than 100 parking spaces in downtown Ann Arbor every day.

Check out this program and more cool stuff on not driving your car in Ann Arbor at the getDowntown website.

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