A 1939 Buick limousine currently used by the Harrah's Las Vegas hotel company spent most of its life in the hands of various Ypsilantians. An article in the Depot Town Rag traces the history of the car thus:

  • Hildegard Proctor, of a Chicago family associated with Gulf Oil, first owned the car, with Alexander Kronk as her chauffeur.
  • Alex Longnecker may have owned the car, or may have simply been an agent for Proctor.
  • Jenny Quirk Cornwell, sister of Daniel Quirk and aunt of Punk Quirk, purchased the car from Longnecker for $3,750.
  • Dr. Bradley Harris owned the car after Cornwell's death, around 1959.
  • John Feldkamp, of Saline, safeguarded the car for some time, apparently foiling a cart theft and refusing to sell the car to an out-of-state collector.
  • Feldkamp eventually sold the car to Tom Rice, returning the vehicle to Ypsilanti. Rice began restoring the car, and his parents continued the restoration after his death in a 1991 car crash.
  • The Rice family sold the car in 2003 to Antique Auto Sales in Milan, who sold the car to Harrah's.