What do you know about Ken Lussenden Painting Co.? Ken Lussenden's painting and contracting company in Ann Arbor has earned its reputation for high quality workmanship. His painters and carpenters just completed a project at our home which needed new window wells and minor repairs to cracks in the foundation (above ground). In addition, the  crew painted the second story of our house, cedar shakes and wooden window trims.

Lussenden assigned one of his crews with a team leader to carry out the project which took about eight days. His policy is to work out an approximate budget with the home owner, which is based on a per hour charge. The team leader kept accurate records of the number of hours worked by his crew, materials purchased, and each day's total so that we could see how close we were getting to spending our budget. The project was completed close to the original budget, and for that we are very satisfied. Most of all the work was excellent and the results show it.