Miller Motors in Ypsilanti is the last surviving Hudson dealership, located in the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum.

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Miller's dealership building was constructed in 1892 for the Ypsilanti Electronic Co. It later housed the Michigan Crown Fender Co. before becoming one of the first Dodge Brothers dealerships in 1916.

Part of the museum's unique charm as an original Hudson dealership is readily discernible to the naked eye and camera lens: a real small-town dealership from the 1930s. Like most dealerships predating the giants built in the booming post-WWII years, it's mostly centered around the service areas at the rear of the tiny one-car showroom and still-functioning parts counter. And on any given day just as at some time in the distant past, vintage Hudson cars, even a pickup truck, surround the place.

MILLER MOTORS HUDSON sits at Cross and River Streets in Ypsilanti, Mich., just as it has since 1929. Jack Miller goes to work there each day, as he has since 1953, when he worked for his father, Carl, and he still sells and services Hudsons. Business is necessarily limited. The last new Hudson was made in 1957. I'm a man in a time warp, he said.