The News of Ann Arbor was a satirical weblog written by former Ann Arbor News business reporter Dan Meisler. The site is now offline.

This is satire. This is satire. This is satire. This is satire. This is satire. This is satire.

Several characters appeared repeatedly (or at least once) in News of Ann Arbor stories.

  • Ann Arbor Mayor John [unpronounceable symbol]
  • Moishe Zingerman, 79, founder of Zingerman's Deli.
  • The Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti-Milan-Saline-Chelsea-Manchester-Dexter Chamber of Commerce
  • Penelope Gallus, executive director of the Ann Arbor Chicken Awareness Council
  • Ann Arbor City Council member Constance Longfellow
  • Joe Zaragon, owner of Zaragon I and II
  • Greta Hindenberg, spokeswoman for the Association of Ann Arbor Activists Against All Hatefulness (AAAAAAH)
  • Ethyl Vidalia of No Special Rights For Developers Who Want To Destroy The Character of Ann Arbor Campaign (NSRFDWWTDCAAC).
  • Ann Arbor Police Department Officer Jim Dandy
  • content synergy director Randy Johannsen
  • Trey Sides of Triangles Monthly
  • student protestor Forest Rainbow Johnson