The PFC is at 216 N. Fourth Avenue near The Farmer's Market.

Web site:

Hours; 7am to 9pm, Sundays open at 8am.

It's right next door to and connected to the PFC Cafe, which has a hot food/salad bar and fair trade cafe. The menu changes daily, see the calendar.

The co-op is open to all, but you can purchase a share in the corporation for $160. The share is refundable if you choose to stop being a member; members receive extra discounts on certain items, and the co-op's profit may be returned to members in profitable years when the Co-op has no major capital expenses. (The Board may choose to withhold some portion of the rebate to invest in the store, for return at a later date.)

PFC carries a wide variety of natural foods in a compact space. Here are some things you will find there:


  • Mostly organic, some conventional
  • Locally-grown produce when in season

Prepared Foods

  • Fresh-made food with natural ingredients on the Hot Bar
  • Entrees, sides & desserts in the Grab-n-Go cooler
  • Panini, bagels, muffins & desserts in the Cafe


Soy products


  • Bulk spices from Frontier