River Raisin Raptor Center flourished as a result of one person's passion for raptors, the environment, and the desire to teach others about the wondrous world of wildlife. The existing center is located in the home and on the land of its founder and director, Dody Wyman. Dody has been working with raptors since 1990, and incorporated the organization into 501 (c) (3) non-profit in 1999. Since the beginning, she has volunteered her time completely.

Over the past several years, the center has continued to expand its rehabilitation and educational services by accepting more rehabilitation cases and presenting numerous education programs to the public. Also, several volunteers have joined the mission of the center and enjoy helping maintain the facilities as well as promoting the center with a positive energy. River Raisin Raptor Center prides itself on educating the public and treating every bird in our care with the dignity and respect it deserves.

Our Purpose

  • To rehabilitate sick, injured or orphaned raptors and return them to the wild in a healthy, fit condition.
  • To educate the public, particularly school age children, about wildlife, conservation, ecology and habitat.
  • To increase the over-all knowledge of wildlife rehabilitation methods through field work and networking.

Web site: http://www.riverraisinraptorcenter.org/ (unreachable 8/2010)

Located in Manchester, this organization works closely with the raptor education efforts of Michigan Avian Experience (www.miavianexperience.org) in Brooklyn, MI.