A tax deferment form allows Seniors in Ann Arbor and throughout Washtenaw County to delay payment on their summer and or winter taxes.

Homeowners can decide to defer their taxes without occuring interest or penalties. The taxes will still need to be paid, but the extra time allows for owners to use their Homestead Property Tax refund from the State to pay their property tax.

Tax deferments are available to homeowner’s who are 62 years of age or older, parapalegic or quadriplegic, blind, or totally and permanently disabled. Also, the income of everyone living in the house must be below $40,000 per year. The deadline for defferment of Summer taxes is September 4, and the deadline for defferment of Winter taxes is February 14.

Tax deferment applications are available at the Washtenaw County Treasurer’s Office on Main Street, or at the Treasurer’s website, and are turned in at the treasurer's office in the homeowner's city, village or township.

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