Temple Echad is an independent, progressive congregation that respects the Mystery of the whole and honors the Jewish tradition through which it was inspired. As a post-denominational and interfaith synagogue, we seek to bring together the mystical core of all traditions by providing a sacred space for families of diverse and unaffiliated backgrounds. Temple Echad is a spiritual rather than religious congregation that is tailor-made for contemporary lifestyles and inclusive beliefs.  We are not your Yiddishe mama’s shul. Our services reimagine Jewish liturgy, ancient prayer and tradition through a fresh, inclusive lens that honors all paths to the Divine as equally holy. Participatory dialogue, personal narrative and song are central to the life and celebration of our spiritual learning community where we invite all—Jews, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Agnostics, those of indigenous religions or no religion—to live out the highest teaching of Torah: love and kindness.

Abby Wells is founder.

Learn more at: www.temple-echad.org

First service at the Friends Center on December 11, 2015.