The Green Room was a coffeehouse and music venue at 206 W. Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti. Opened in October of 1994 by John Westerman, the Green Room hosted everything from art shows and indie rock to independent film and dance parties, filling what Metro Times at one point called "a much ignored, very necessary, independent grassroots niche" in the area. A unique venue to so many up and coming young artists, both musical, visual, and performance, this creative influx of minds became a thriving meeting ground for many collaborative and solo artists to explode new visions & questions upon the realm of 'Generation X' and those to come, while deciphering the myth from legend of generations past.

By 1998, Westerman had left for Madison, Wisconsin, taking the Green Room with him; the space was soon reopened as Dixie.

The location is currently occupied by Ziggy's, a performance space, bar and coffeehouse.  

Hosted Artists:

 Sarah Fox;  Barbed Wire/ Mixed Media/ Fire, Sculptures
                 Green Room Installation, 1994
            "Something I Saw in Your Head", Sculptures, Mixed Media, 1994
             Various Drawings, Group Show 1994
             Various Paintings, Group show, 1994
             "Covet", Mixed Media, Sculptures, Paintings 1995
             Host to University of Michigan, Final Student Show, Installation  
                 Sarah Fox & Cory Converse 1995 
 Cory Converse; Installation of Basement, Final Student Show
                Photography 1995