Local sports radio station WTKA (1050 AM) is owned by media conglomerate Cumulus Radio.



As of May 2010

  • M-F 6a-10a - The Michigan Insider with Sam Webb and Ira Weintraub
  • M-F 10a-2p - The Herd with Colin Cowherd
  • M-F 1p-3p - The Scott VanPelt Show (ESPN)
  • M-F 3p-6p - Ann Arbor's BIG SHOW with Jeff Defran, Jeff Radford, Jim Stark and Al Fellhauer
  • M-F 6p-8p - Huge radio network with Bill Samuelson

On-air personnel history

WTKA has had lots of turnover in its local on-air personalities. Former host and arguable blowhard Dave Shand is currently pursuing a lawsuit against U of M athletic director Bill Martin, arguing that Martin unfairly used his influence to force WTKA to fire Shand. Before that, Dennis Fithian left in murky circumstances and some other staff have also made rather abrupt departures. It's unclear whether WTKA is unusually turbulent or whether this is part for the course for local radio.

Current local on-air staff is 6'9" Andy Evans and much shorter Sam Webb. Webb is a recruiting expert who writes for the Detroit News and GoBlueWolverine.com, and according to the station's promo ads, likes to accessorize. Evans is (apparently) a recent import from Toledo who has a disarmingly sardonic charm.


1050 AM was originally occupied by WPAG starting in 1945. It was sold to pizza magnate Tom Monaghan in 1987, who renamed it WPZA.

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