The Ypsilanti Public School District was merged with the Willow Run Community Schools in 2013 to form the Ypsilanti Community Schools.

How it was

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"When school starts Thursday, fourth- and fifth-grade students at Adams Academy will add engineering to their list of subjects to study. Ypsilanti Public Schools' partnership with the University of Michigan College of Education now includes a science, technology, engineering and math program at Adams. " -AA News 3 Sept 08

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State per-pupil funding was increased from $56 to $112 in the 08-09 school year.


  • Ypsilanti Public Schools has it covered with billboard campaigns and mailings targeting families with school-aged children in the area. Last week, school staff was scheduled to knock on doors in the Fairway Hills subdivision in Ypsilanti Township and in the Normal Park neighborhood in Ypsilanti to talk to residents about the district. AA News 27 July 08