Photo by Hal Goodtree courtesy of CaryCitizen.

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A brief overview of Cary's history is published by the Town of Cary.

Often considered the authoritative source on Cary's history, the book Around and About Cary written by Tom Byrd and illustrated Jerry Miller is for sale at the Page-Walker Arts and History Center.

Other Cary history books are Peggy Van Scoyoc's compilations of oral histories from leading Cary citizens: Just a Horse-Stopping Place and Desegregating Cary, also for sale at the Page-Walker Arts & History Center.


  • Early History
  • Colonial Cary
  • 1800-1860
  • The Railroad
  • The Civil War
  • Incorporation in 1871
  • Education in Cary
  • 1900-1950
  • RTP and Cary
  • 1960-2000
  • Cary Today

See also Cary People (link here to historic figures).

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