The purpose of the organization is to provide the citizens of Cary and surrounding areas with the opportunity to enhance and showcase their theatrical talents through a variety of activities including but not limited to: theatrical productions, readings of up and coming playwrights, and theatre workshops.

Cary Players Core Values

Respect the Player. A “Player” is any member of Cary Players or any person who actively participates in its purpose, and as such deserves honor, respect and appreciation for the time devoted to that purpose, whether paid or volunteer.

Inspire the Patron. The organization seeks to develop productions that inspire those who attend with simple joy, internal reflection or a desire to make a positive change in their own lives. Productions that degrade, offend, or leave the audience feeling uncomfortable are not goals of this organization.

Uplift the Community. The organization seeks to be a positive influence for good in the community, and looks for opportunities to provide charitable contributions through service or monetary means.

Educate, Enlighten & Entertain. The organization provides opportunities for education, enlightenment and entertainment on a diverse range of topics deemed appropriate by the board of directors and that have the potential to benefit all who take part in its activities and events.