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Former Location
2157 Pillsbury Road - Currently Grocery Outlet
1951 East 20th Street (inside Gemco)
Former Owners
Lucky Stores, Inc.
Business Lifespan
Date range: ?-1999

Lucky was a grocery store chain that began in Alameda County in 1935. The first Lucky store was located in Berkeley, California. The former headquarters of Lucky was in San Leandro. Chico was home to one standalone Lucky store (in North Chico next to KMart) and one store located inside Gemco (which closed in 1986 when Gemco closed).

Lucky was taken over by Albertsons in 1998, and all Lucky stores were renamed to Albertsons in 1999.

In 2006, Albertsons was failing as a company and was split up and sold. Supervalu bought some of the Albertsons including those in Southern California. A private equity company bought the remaining Albertsons stores. Albertsons, LLC was formed to run the Northern California and Northern Nevada stores as well as other stores in other states.

In 2007, a family owned company from Modesto, California called Save Mart Supermarkets purchased the Northern California Albertsons stores. The Lucky name was restored to the supermarkets in the Bay Area. The rest of the supermarkets took the Save Mart name. Albertsons on Pillsbury (formerly Lucky) closed, and never became a Save Mart, whereas the location on East Avenue made the transition to Save Mart.

Lucky grocery stores are once again alive and well in the Bay Area. Their new website is located at http://www.luckysupermarkets.com

In Southern California, Supervalu has opened up 4 of their own Lucky stores.