Locations Phones
2444 Notre Dame Blvd (530) 899-1285
655 Palmetto Ave — across from Chico Cemetery (530) 895-9900
2452 Connors CT — on the corner of East Avenue (530) 895-9740
Payment Method
Cash/Credit Card

McDonald's is a fast food restaurant with three locations in Chico. They are known for their hamburgers and french fries, but serve a wide range of other fast food items, including breakfast. The Palmetto Avenue location was somewhat recently renovated and has the original arch style which can't be missed. Before moving to the corner location, it was set back from the corner on Palmetto, closer to Egg Roll King.

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2010-08-12 20:54:34   Recently had a burger at the Palmetto location and became violently ill. Pretty sure it was food poisoning. A friend had told me they use meat left over from the previous day but I didn't believe them. Guess I should have listened. —DebbieWong

2011-05-10 20:08:05   most people think it sucks —

2011-05-10 20:09:20   good for a quick meal but otherwise people shouldn't eat there because they want to —