3269 Esplanade, Chico CA
Near Esplanade and Eaton Road
Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm
Closed Sunday
(530) 342-4616
Geoff Akers and Jon Meyer
Payment Method
All major credit cards, cash

Sol Mexican Grill is an indoor/outdoor restaurant in North Chico. Its current location was originally occupied by Cafe Ricci. Mexican food can be ordered ala carte or as plates. They offer breakfast burritos and a few specialty burritos such as the So Cal, a twist on the California burrito style using housemade french fries. Sol also served tortas, including an American fused sandwich with a hamburger patty. Examples of plates include Enchilada and Taco plates. Average cost for a plate is ~$6.50.

Chips and salsa cost a buck and fountain drinks of the Pepsi variety are $2, served from behind the counter. They received their liquor license June 2011, and so serve a variety of beers.


2011-07-09 10:03:32   Comments on Yelp were positive, as were on Facebook. The disclaimer is that I'm used to Taqueria Guadalajara in Davis, CA. I felt like the food here came out of frozen Mexican food kits for restaurants. The Chili Relleno was luke warm, soggy, and forgettable. Its "hot" salsa was mild. The Fajita plate was very salty and the chicken tasted as if it came from a bag. The plates were a little pricey for the quality and amount of food. We were not sure if $2 sodas also meant we could get refills. We'll check next time. Pretty steep cost, otherwise. We were taken aback by the $1 chips and salsa. We thought Pintos side would be whole but they were mashed, more similar to refried beans (which are by nature Pintos). The good news is they provide an option of corn or flour tortillas to put the mexican rice and beans into. Speaking of options, they need to tone it down as there are too many decisions to be made when ordering something. Type of beans and meat is fine, but salsa spiciness? Let us use the salsa bar! Maybe we're old school, but the first basket of chips should be free. We'll go back in a few months to see if they've improved, since they are a young outfit and it takes time to understand what they can and can't do as a restaurant within a fancy building. For now, we'll continue eating at Aca Taco. —RyanMikulovsky