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Tres Hombres

100 Broadway St.
Across from Collier Hardware
Please fill in hours
(530) 342-4848
Johnny Scurto & Michael Thomas
January 1988
Payment Method

Tres Hombres is a very popular downtown Tex-Mex restaurant. It is located inside the Bidwell Building, one of the oldest buildings in Chico.

The restaurant was involved in a fire that may have begun in its kitchen on December 1st, 2009. It then migrated into and gutted Mr Pickle's Sandwich Shop behind the restaurant. The restaurant is closed until further notice.

Tres Hombres will return "hotter than ever" Boarded up windows along First Street A thanks to the firefighters A long view of Tres Hombres after the fire. Photo by RobinMowery.

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2009-06-05 22:46:14   Over rated!!!! It's fun to go get big margaritas when you first turn 21, and then you realize that their margaritas are mostly juice (i.e. barely any tequila), their food isn't very good, and everyone there is just trying way too hard. —

2010-04-30 15:27:56   I love this place. My favorite happy hour location with great chips and salsa. We miss you. —