Sports teams at Davis Senior High School have traditionally been known as Blue Devils. The women's basketball team has the domain. The football team's website can be found at and is supported in part by the Davis Blue Devil Football Backers.

The Blue Devil as DHS' mascot was chosen by DHS students at the end of WWI after the Blue Devils of France, the same source for Duke University's Blue Devil mascot.

“The Chasseurs Alpins Corps … are popularly known as 'The Blue Devils.' The Devil part of their nickname is in flattering allusion to, their valour; the adjective refers to the dark blue colour of their uniforms. They display an almost religious observance in the fulfilment of their vow, indicated by the motto of their corps, 'Never to be taken alive.' The corps is recruited from the mountain country of France the men are remarkable for their sturdy physique (they are mostly men of medium height) and for their tenacious courage. They are accustomed to hardship and fatigue, they live on simple fare and by tradition are deeply imbued with antagonism to the Germans. They are silent men. Their square-set faces seem to speak of successful struggle against the mighty forces of mountain dangers; their strong backs and their frank manners. harmonise well with the brave deeds for which they are world famous” - Mr. Poilu, Notes and Sketches with The Fighting French by Herbert Ward, Chevalier de la Legion D’Honneur, Croix Guerre

Does anyone know if there is a central website for Davis High School athletics other than

Other Non-Davis Blue Devils

If you are alumni of Duke, the use of Blue Devils is pervasive, and seeing it in the corner of your eye all over the place when you move to Davis can be disorienting until you realize that it is also the local high school logo.