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Type of restaurant
Comfort Seafood and Grill with a classy island vibe.

Greetings! My name is Evan Edwards, but I'm also well known as JabberWokky (Really... even my wife calls me Wokky). I can be identified thusly: A rather large fellow of Scot-Irish ancestry. Long red-brown hair (only visibly red in good sunlight) with a very full beard. I always wear black jeans and never wear tee-shirts (okay, I wear them when I'm working at home and sometimes when I'm in the workshop, but never when I am out). In winter (and sometimes in summer), I wear a large black trench coat. My laptop, eddie, is a MacBook Pro 7,1 running Linux. I'm friendly, meaning I only bite if you ask nicely. One easy identifier is my black hat, technically an outback hat, which is somewhat like a large fedora1.  I actually got involved in this project in 2004, but the Localwiki transition reset join dates for some of us.

 Over the years that I've been on the wiki, I've collected or written quite a few things.Select from the pages below to navigate through my various personal pages. 
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My beautiful, stalwart and sagacious wife, Dr. Sarah Edwards, is in the early years of her academic career. As a result of pursuing her chemistry research. We've been in exile from Davis for the past several years, although we return from time to time to visit, and we'd like to move back someday. She's currently a member of faculty at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee, which is where we now live. We'd like to have her get her tenured professorship at a short list of institutions, with UC Davis at or near the top (of course, Vanderbilt is now on the list, and we're enjoying getting to know the Vandy community). Why am I so involved in the Wiki? Davis was our home, and we'd like it to be again. Sarah will be a professor of chemistry, we like small university towns and we already know we love Davis.

After Davis, Sarah obtained her doctorate from Penn State. If you are looking to become a grad student at Penn State in State College, Pennsylvania (or move here for any other reason), contact us with any questions you might have. Penn State is much larger than UC Davis, but it is an ag school, and you'll see similar traits but with greater resources (important for grad students) and with an East Coast flavor to the population (which is worth living among to get a feel for different viewpoints).

Likely a sockpuppet for David Poole, like most other users on the wiki. Of course, it is also documented fact that he is Jason Aller, so perhaps Jason is also a sockpuppet. Regardless, he prefers, being a Henson fan, to be referred to as a "sockmuppet". He is in full favor of, and thinks it would be "spiffy keen" to see some DavisWiki fanfic. He seems to have launched an effort to employ wiki editors to do pretty much the same thing, only paid. His attention to detail is appreciated, as the wiki keeps informing him.

A note about the name: Yes, people call me Jabber, Wokky and JabberWokky in real life (including my SO, who tends to use the more popular "Wokky"). Yes, it started life as a reference before the web existed, and it started out intentionally misspelled. I camelCap it for ease of use. I get magazines sent to "Wokky, Jabber", and have gotten credit card offers to Mr. Jabber Wokky. Yes, people call me Evan as well. Note that as long as this account has existed, the redirect EvanEdwards has existed. In 2006 and 2008, I officially voted using it, having registered as a voter using the name. Cheap Thrills is more than a Big Brother album. Woo.

If you want to get really into it, I'm also known as Lænas in the SCA (formally, Decimus Musonius Lænas), and Sarah is Mania Aurelius Dorthea Scaeva. She's a left-handed heavy weapons fighter.

I enjoy Rocky Horror, the SCA (and late period Roman history) celebrating odd holidays, some SubGenius, some invented by oddball people. International Panic Day (June 18th) is celebrated by roasting (what else?) a DUCK! I also breed fancy mice. Really.

  | _nn                          <83Ↄ~                         Random
  {___">                            <˸ꜢↃ∿                           Photgraphs


My desktop in 2010. A third (fourth if you count the laptop) monitor was added, and a desk is now being built. An older photo. It's a longer, grayer beard nowadays. An Artist's Rendition Alternate universe version. Note the lack of beard, indicating this is the 'Good Universe' JabberWokky. An important lesson. Be bold, become known, but be aware what you are becoming known for. This is a medieval lesson, from the days of small towns.


"I'm no longer interested in participating in DavisWiki on a social level. There was a time when DavisWiki reflected the real city of Davis. Now we're pasteurized, homogenized, corrected, blended, and processed, mostly by people that aren't particularly representative of the community. It was fun for awhile." -Jim Stewart

    This is a pretty common position of many people who have had enough time on the wiki to be able to see the overall trends. I tend to agree with it, and the first sentence has happened several times: even among people who continue to edit, they withdraw from the social aspect. I don't see a good solution, but I do feel highlighting how universal this feeling has become over time is important.

    This article is a Naked List, and needs content added to it so it's more than just a list.



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    2012-12-15 17:14:48   I've cleared out your list of watched wikis - it was around 7k and seriously slowing down some stuff! :P —PhilipNeustrom

    Beastmode ~SD

    Dang, that was the only list of all of the wikis. How am I supposed to find all of the weird wikis now? —BL

    • That was precisely why I maintained it. There is no other list of wikis. -jw

      2012-12-21 08:33:27   Thanks for the link. I'm craving a drive down to SD now for a delicious California burrito and some carne asada fries. —EdWins

      2012-12-21 12:31:44   ¡Bueno, gracias! —LoriOrf

      2013-01-08 11:44:55   Haven't seen you around for awhile... just checking in to see if everything is OK. —CovertProfessor

      2013-01-08 16:40:44   My sincerest condolences. If there's anything I can do, please let me know. —TomGarberson

      2013-01-08 17:15:47   I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I was afraid it was something serious but hoped I was wrong. Please accept my deepest condolences. And take care of yourself — that has to come first. The wiki will muddle along. —CovertProfessor

      2013-01-08 19:40:50   Sorry for your loss. —LoriOrf

      2013-01-12 13:34:06   Thanks! —CovertProfessor

      2013-01-24 10:19:09   Broke my dominant arm in a fall. Following RC. Man, this has been a bad month. —JabberWokky

      2013-01-24 10:38:54   Ouch :( —TomGarberson

      2013-01-24 10:46:32   Ugh, sorry to hear that. Hope you heal quickly. —CovertProfessor

      2013-01-31 15:31:34   Jabs—I submitted autismawareness to be closed as a organizational acct awhile ago and it hasn't been done yet? —PeteB

      2013-01-31 16:46:27   Jabs—if you want to give me access I'll be more than happy to help handle them... —PeteB

      2013-01-31 16:48:32   As to outreach I don't live there and money is a bit short so I couldn't call-sorry. —PeteB

      2013-02-05 20:30:42   Thank you for the advice-I updated the page to show it —PeteB

      2013-02-15 00:21:04   Thanks for the encouragement, JabberWokky! :) —ScottMeehleib

      2013-02-19 13:39:42   I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you and Sarah. —EdWins

      2013-02-27 21:23:15   Thank you for your support (as always)... Hope you're feeling better. Thought you'd like to read a piece I wrote on DavisWiki —PeteB

      2013-03-02 14:54:51   Not to mention the look of a misty Shire. —CovertProfessor

      2013-03-02 15:10:16   Hi Jabberwokky! Could you please unlock the Kathmandu Kitchen page when you get a chance. Thanks. —ScottMeehleib

      2013-03-05 16:20:30   Jabs-someone posted room for rent on the Events Page and I can't remove it. Can you please do so? —PeteB

      2013-03-10 12:31:45   JW weigh in on the templates discussion please —StevenDaubert

      2013-03-19 11:04:28   Fair enough. Still, I think it shows a lack of judgment on her part to let it happen a second time. —CovertProfessor

      2013-03-19 13:13:24   Again, fair enough, and I've got enough else going on today (or that should be going on) that I'm not inclined to press the point. It was just striking me as very strange that we were hashing it out over the 3-dog violation when two bites had recently occurred. But as you say, there are editorial reasons to emphasize the former rather than the latter. —CovertProfessor

      2013-03-20 15:07:02   Jabs-please look at what I put it up. I think it's a nice compromise that should satisfy both points of view. —PeteB

      2013-03-25 15:19:34   Hi! Thanks for the comment. —DukeMcAdow

      2013-03-28 11:10:49   negative

      I like the SSA btw —StevenDaubert

      2013-03-28 11:21:39   Does your uploading all of these pics mean that you're in town?? —CovertProfessor

      2013-03-28 11:31:39   Ah, cool! (on both counts). —CovertProfessor

      2013-03-28 13:07:22   Sounds good, too! —CovertProfessor

      2013-03-28 13:56:56   All good edits on MPOV. —DonShor

      2013-03-28 20:23:20   Hi. This message isn't to CP or DS or TG or even SD (ever notice DS and SD are near opposites and their initials are... never mind). So, this message is to you: the lurker. The many people who follow Recent Changes and either seldom or never edit or post to the wiki. I know you're out there: I've met a few of you at Wiki BBQs, and I have good friends who only ever lurked on the wiki. This is your invite to introduce yourself. There are no edits to discuss or commitment to make, just a bit of recognition and a friendly wave. I'm curious if anybody will wave back. Either way, you're part of the wiki too, silent or not. —JabberWokky

      2013-03-29 09:46:47   welcome to a couple days ago, I already posed that query —StevenDaubert

      2013-04-06 15:06:52   Waaaaave —RJTaylor

      2013-04-07 19:05:07   Nope, definitely not the only one. And sorry for not chiming in on the Talk page, but it just seemed like a no-brainer to me, especially given that page wasn't even created until the incident. —CovertProfessor

      2013-04-16 01:44:14   hi JW ♥ —StevenDaubert

      2013-04-19 22:22:10   Always happy to see that Oxford comma. Especially with links! —CovertProfessor

      2013-04-30 19:13:37   The question is, how do we take yesterday's success and apply it to today's mess? (The Ramble Apartments). Not sure if I have the time and/or energy in the remainder of this week to handle that. But maybe our good luck will stay with us! —CovertProfessor

      2013-05-02 06:48:20   Definitely. —CovertProfessor

      2013-05-02 18:25:00   No worries! I didn't think you meant anything personal at all. And honestly I don't have a problem with an honest dialogue, I just won't tolerate somebody trying to whitewash discriminatory policies. (And that was not pointed at you) ;) —Davidlm

      2013-05-02 22:17:06   I thought this was a particularly astute comment. CP's response re: choice of association vs. place living is reasonable, but I think the basic gist of it is very well stated. —TomGarberson

      2013-05-03 09:50:38   I agree with TG. I thought that was a very astute comment. —DavidGrundler

      2013-05-05 15:55:04   Right. And as though you should accept all arguments, even bad arguments, that lead to the conclusion you agree with. And there are definitely more than two sides here. In this case, I am a bit torn on the issue, even though I myself brush my teeth with fluoride and use a fluoride rinse. It's a much more complicated decision to say that Davis should be adding it to the water.

      Anyway, the "it's everywhere so we know it must be safe" argument drives me bonkers, when it's the exact opposite (a causal factor being everywhere means that we don't know what its effects are, especially if the effects in question are caused by other things).

      Ah, those little subtleties... —CovertProfessor

      2013-05-06 12:17:50   The poor guy was just looking for love from a nice woman, like Russ, Brad, and Andrew... and here you go removing it as spam. Have you no compassion! —JamesKrause

      2013-05-06 23:23:04   Good point about the inconsistency of the current practice with the Scout Law. I think you're right that Christian scouts would not leave in droves the way that that guy predicted; even people whose churches are opposed may not themselves be opposed. And also right that people are confusing homosexuality with pedophilia. They also may be thinking that gay leaders would preach a "gay lifestyle" — you know, because so many young men have been "converted" that way. —CovertProfessor

      2013-05-07 01:44:26   No need to explain not deleting it as I know you like to give new editors the benefit of the doubt and I truly admire/envy your patience and compassion. —MikeyCrews

      2013-05-08 18:38:00   Hey Jabs...hope your hand is better. FYI I had offered to handle tagged organizational accts before and you never got back to me. Offering again? —PeteB

      2013-05-09 10:32:47   I got a message saying that you edited my page but I don't see anything different? —jenb

      2013-05-09 10:37:55   Oh thanks so much! —jenb

      2013-05-10 21:39:51   Good call about changing it to midnight. I thought about doing it but then decided on a course of action that involved lying on the couch watching Judge Judy :) —LoriOrf

      2013-05-16 19:31:21   Regarding the Shared IP: University Village and TonyWilson. —PeteB

      2013-05-17 12:38:33   The other one has a negative tone to it (IMHO)—this one is more appropriate when we KNOW it isn't sockpuppeting but a shared connection (like the apartment comp lab). It was Jeff who came up with it though. —PeteB

      • Actually Pete, I mostly made it in response you your comments to Tony about coming up with a more appropriate label. I was taking a guess, but assumed you wanted a more toned down include. It can be changed if you wanted something different though. I don't think anybodys stopping you from making your own includes actually. Feel free to make something of your own. -JT

      • I have absolutely no issue with what you put up, Jeff. You hit it out of the park on this one. I just don't see why you (JW) are so concerned? Its the difference between a possible sockpuppet and a known situation where multiple people use the same machine. —PeteB

        • OK. —JT

        • I don't have an issue with it, nor am I even concerned. I was simply asking what distinguishing aspect was intended to separate it from the other include. I asked, and then got a perfectly good answer... which is why I asked. —JabberWokky

      2013-06-06 13:14:20   Jabberwokky—We've warned UCDHEP about the organizational acct issue several times. Their page was noted in 2011—I've posted on Love Lab and today in Safe Party Initiative. We're being ignored. Can you delete the ucdhep acct please? —PeteB

      2013-06-06 14:14:45   Help me find some contact info and I'd be more then happy to call them personally. —PeteB

      2013-06-07 13:57:35   thanks a lot. it took some time to learn the site's strengths, but i think it found its niche over time. and it was a fun process. i appreciate it. —justincox22

      2013-06-19 12:28:17   Please basn DavidWinstrop—repeatedly posting foreign spam. —PeteB

      2013-06-20 11:21:31   The same IP spammed RocWiki and some other sites the same day.... —PeteB

      2013-06-22 02:53:01   Fabulous gnomage —StevenDaubert

      2013-06-25 13:32:35   Is there a way to make the wiki ignore formatting but not code? Say for instance I wanted a line of [[include(sockpuppet)]] but wanted them to all be on one line, instead of a vertical stack —StevenDaubert

      2013-06-25 13:43:34   yeah I'm not trying to distend the tables on the horizontal... That is indeed in bad form... I just want lots of sockpuppety goodness —StevenDaubert

      2013-06-28 17:21:12   Good point. If we acknowledge imperfection, we can always be on the lookout for when things go awry and seek to improve. —CovertProfessor

      2013-07-03 18:34:20   Yeah, I'd finally had enough. Pictures have been replaced like 3-4 times without the last being guessed or moved or anything, and the comments are in the wrong page... Clearly the current population doesn't understand how to do things. —WesHardaker

      2013-07-14 19:35:21   Agreed. I just thought he should be given the opportunity to do the right thing in response to a polite request, however unlikely that is. What I noticed afterward is that he seems to have been a productive editor prior to this. I am not sure what set him off. —CovertProfessor

      2013-07-15 22:23:53   I like it. As long as it doesn't leave any coffee rings. —TomGarberson

      2013-08-18 20:14:25   I seem to be unable to edit the Dental Questions page — I get the error, "The connection was reset. The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." But I am able to edit other pages without any difficulties. Any ideas? —CovertProfessor

      • I was eventually able to make the edits. Not sure what the problem was. —cp

      2013-08-19 09:16:06   A shirt for you:

      2013-08-19 14:40:26   You're welcome! Glad you got one. Looks like a pretty cool shirt. —CovertProfessor

      2013-08-28 16:48:11   Jabs-AllegreApts has been on Wiki Community/Organizational accounts/To Do since 3/2012 and have been notified numerous ways. Can you finally disable this one please? Thx —PeteB

      • It has been done for nearly a year and a half. I don't see any activity since. What are you talking about? -jw

      2013-08-28 20:54:11   Now I'm confused. What about this and this?. These two pages show they've clearly posted under the username as recently as July 2013. —PeteB

      • No, they have not used AllegreApts, they used AllegreApartments. Which has never been on the list. Tag 'em on their user profile, and I'll disable that new account now. -jw (Update: disabled)

      2013-08-28 22:48:56   wokwokwokwokwokwokwok —StevenDaubert

      2013-09-13 09:07:00   That's pretty wild about your Duke/Duke/Hawaii friend! And ever since my cat caught the bat, she's been obsessed with them...she's at the window every morning before sunrise, watching the bats flash by it. —DukeMcAdow

      2013-09-16 16:32:14   You are very rude, and I'd like a public apology. I asked a bonafide question as to why my posts were being edited out, and you responded with an Ad hominem by questioning my character and my motives while giving no explanation.

      • Janet-I put some info on the first comment on your user page. Your comment wasn't edited out-it was moved. —PeteB

      2013-09-16 16:52:40   Well said, Jabs. —PeteB

      2013-09-16 17:24:38   Thanks! It was not taking the (2) in the URL. Thanks again, I have had this ring quite some time. I got it when I took a subscription to a magazine. —ConstantiaOomen

      2013-09-16 18:26:57   I emailed you privately... —PeteB

      2013-09-18 10:48:22   Thanks for your comment, you and Covert seemed to be the only people who thought I was trying to be nice, while others thought I was prying into his life. I know how the wiki hive-mind works (I've been here long enough), and this time I was on the other end, but that's fine. I didn't feel so strongly about it that I needed it to stay, just felt that people could have broached the topic in a more civil manner. —JamesKrause

      2013-09-19 10:10:21   Nice one! —CovertProfessor

      2013-09-19 14:18:14   Interesting. Well, I think I'm done with this line of inquiry, although if others want to continue to pursue it that's OK with me. —CovertProfessor

      2013-09-19 14:19:40   I like happy endings. :-) —CovertProfessor

      2013-09-21 11:49:42   some great linkage. Just the kind of fill in I was too busy for. I had my friend tapping his toe at me while I told him "BUT IT'S SOMETHING THAT COULD USE A PAGE!" —StevenDaubert

      2013-09-22 12:32:00   Maybe you should stick around longer, so they'll be able to catch up with you. ☺ —ConstantiaOomen

      2013-09-23 01:22:56   That would be me. I wasn't thinking cause I know it contains Whey or powdered milk distillate or whatnot.

      2013-09-23 12:09:02   Sorry, I guess I read the entry differently than you intended. To me, "it isn't healthy, but many people think it is far worse than it is" makes Yoo-hoo's nutrition sound neutral, not unhealthy. And the text doesn't specifically characterize it as "mostly sugar," it just says it is sweetened with HFCS. I was also saying the MAIN ingredient isn't whey, since it is only the third ingredient. As for the dairy free thing, I simply read the sentence wrong (and I guess I had Daub's edit stuck in my head). So when you ask what I called B.S. on, it was my interpretation of the entry as claiming 'it's not that bad for you because it's made of whey and real cocoa.' —MeggoWaffle

      2013-09-23 21:58:26   See, I had no idea that was a common belief, therefore I read it completely differently. Is the non dairy thing a common misconception as well? If so, please add it back in. I'm no expert on Yoo-hoo, so I don't know if there is anything else "wrong," I was just going off the nutrition facts. See how you like it now. —MeggoWaffle

      2013-09-26 08:25:21   JW, it's OK for Peter to remove all my comments (I thought for one you were against it), and to accuse me, and I am not allowed to react as if he is a real-life person? If I was physically attacked by somebody of the Wiki, an 'important' Wiki editor, am I not supposed to make 'legal threats'? So a Wiki editor is above the law? I don't think so,JW. Wiki is a real life thing, not only virtual. You exist, I exist. Very strange how you defend somebody who is breaking the rules (Peter), and don't say anything about that. I never threatened him, I just said I didn't think he is very smart to throw all these false accusations on me.

      Sent from my iPad —ConstantiaOomen

      2013-09-26 09:29:34   Now you've lost me, so I can make 'legal threats', but not to a Wiki editor? So they áre excluded? But it's OK that Peter slanders my page, making me look like a very bad person, just because I said I didn't think the most of his IQ at that moment in time? Who says that I have made any 'legal threats' anyways? I said: maybe I would have a legal case. Maybe. Do you think I am going to sue Peter? Hell no, I have better things to do. Well, I would if he takes it too far. But that's my right. —ConstantiaOomen

      2013-09-26 09:43:34   Amazing that you don't say a thing about the behavior of Peter. I am very calm, believe me. :-) —ConstantiaOomen

      2013-10-03 15:28:31   Thanks JW! I think that was my first page, too. —RyanMeyerhoff

      2013-10-07 20:46:24   Yah, that makes sense. I think that it was pretty clear in the rest of it that the police had misgendered her, so having "mr" in front of her name was a tad redundant. —Th3DrD0nn4

      2013-10-08 18:55:33   ^__^ I've been meaning to create that one for a while, I keep seeing the spills and getting reminded. Thanks for gnoming btw that was super solid —StevenDaubert

      2013-10-09 13:13:30   Thanks for fixing up the image on the Wing Chun page — that's what I wanted to do initially :-) —JeromeBraun

      2013-10-10 18:08:50   I don't understand your comment at all. I am just trying to make a page more balanced? —ConstantiaOomen

      2013-10-10 18:12:27   So it is my fault that CP is gone (for a while) and Pete? Well, maybe I am crazy, but I think this is not my fault at all. Am I responsible for how other people respond to my being here? In case you didn't notice: Davis ruled against fluoridation of water. So my adding some "cons" is just an act of balancing an unbalanced page out. —ConstantiaOomen

      2013-10-10 18:38:08   Well, if you feel the need to: give me a ban. IMO I have done nothing wrong, and I am telling the truth. And if somebody asks me about it, I will say I was innocent. Just that I am direct and not afraid to give my opinion or make changes here, doesn't mean that I am chasing away anybody. I think it tells much more about the people blaming me for their own going away, like Covert Professor. Maybe, maybe (??) they can't handle an 'outsider' with an opinion from the Netherlands, but I live in Davis too. For years now. And especially do not forget all the photos I made and contributed to Davis Picnic Day, Whole Earth Festival etc. What does that tell you? That I am sabotaging Davis Wiki? I don't think so! But please, if you have that urgent a need to get rid of me, please do, because you have the power to do so.

      PS Some people are overwhelming by innocence, honesty and straightforwardness. I am one of them. Not everybody is the same. You should and/or could feel glad that we don't live in a brave, new world (1984).


      2013-10-14 20:30:22   Hi, Jabber! I don't know about your SS (SpamSweeper), but one sure-tipoff is the user who JUST registered, doesn't add a profile, and leaves a single post -never to be heard from again. I suspect if one could filter out those posts and examine them manually one might find a lot of bogus entries. —SteveDavison

      2013-10-31 18:22:22   Yes, it's one of our favorites. Did you know Hulu recently added Top Gear to their website? Jeroen has watched them all, I have watched a fair amount of them, including the (racing) episodes with the Bugatti Veyron. And since driving this car in TDU and seeing it on Top Gear, all other cars seem to disappoint. In TDU you get a bit of the feel of this car, as the steering wheel and sound etc. are programmed to simulate the real thing. Jeremy Clarkson is right: this 'car' is not really a car... —ConstantiaOomen

      2013-11-07 01:15:15   why does the page smoke shop redirect to the page called "page name"


        2013-11-12 22:21:49   I couldn't figure out how to move the picture of my location to the upper right and the text I added to the top and right of my info. —Todd

        2013-11-12 22:42:46   I put a lot of thought into writing this with the intent of keeping it informative and not promotional. Since there are a lot of other computer repair outfit in this space I wanted to differentiate what makes my company different from the others. You may not be aware of the number of people that found my business on Davis Wiki. So I think that they should know what makes my business special or different from the others. —Todd

        2013-11-12 23:00:42   I used One Step Photo Fix in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo and re-uploaded the file. Think it looks better? —Todd

        2013-11-13 11:01:32   I'll have to mull over your suggestion of third person to what changes need to be made to the copy to fit your suggestion. —Todd

        2013-11-17 11:07:25   You have me at a loss here. Where then in Sunday Morning's Name is the part that is standing up for Andrea? Please restore that too then, and please mention my full name as one of the ones who stood up for her, because I don't dare because you will give me a ban if I dare. Pff! —ConstantiaOomen

        2013-11-20 18:02:11   The roommates wanted page is currently plagued by excessive italics and I cannot figure out how to fix it. Pleaz halp :( —LoriOrf

        2013-11-20 18:24:05   Thank you! I tried to find the unfinished part like I did for the bolding, but I wasn't able to find it. Crazy apostrophes. —LoriOrf

        2013-11-22 18:40:42   Thus, if I said to somebody: "Go back to the hole you came from", you would immediately give me a ban, right? :-) Woe, I'm so impressed by all this. And then - after Brent was finished trying to scare me away - yóu remove a little blank space in Brent's coarse text, as to improve his 'layout', like you approve of the rest or so. I again say: w.o.w. —ConstantiaOomen

        2013-11-22 19:14:55   So, why don't you ban Brent then, is there a difference?? I guess this is a rhetorical question, 'cause almost everybody already knows the answer. Give me a concrete example of where I was rude, bad-mouthed, I challenge you. You will have a hard time finding it, because I never was rude like some of you guys and I always have Davis' best interest at heart. —ConstantiaOomen

        2013-11-22 19:18:58   You did ban Brent? For how long? —ConstantiaOomen

        2013-11-22 19:22:55   Ah, so this was the set up. I am very cool believe me. ;-) —ConstantiaOomen

        2013-12-09 21:18:49   Sooo are you saying that the fix on the Kristinak page was for Pete's sake? Heh. —LoriOrf

        2013-12-17 22:18:56   exactly! I knew I was forgetting something —StevenDaubert

        2013-12-23 20:08:38   The bike-turned-snowman is pure genius! —PhilipNeustrom

        2013-12-23 20:16:00   I like the XMAS CSS —StevenDaubert

        2013-12-23 21:17:54   I really, réally like that new Christmas layout. Thumbs up! But how is it to color blind people (green-red)? And why does it say "Bikey the bikeman was a jolly happy soul"? Did he pass away or something? :-( —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-02-07 00:25:52   the brewery edit or the apartment finder edit? —MikeyCrews

        2014-02-21 12:24:23   Ha, I appreciate that the spammer took my label of spamski to heart and was honest in his or her intentions. ...or doesn't know that being spamski is a bad thing. Too funny. —LoriOrf

        2014-03-22 02:35:35   what did the ampersands ever do to you? —StevenDaubert

        2014-06-06 03:35:29   I will give you a direct back link here —link deleted—

        If you allow me to add on your web design page please —aframalik

        2014-06-16 15:22:19   Thanks for cleaning up my edits! —ToddKaiser

        2014-06-24 19:43:45   Thanks for interwiki, didn't know that... —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-06-29 13:01:32   I couldn't resist! —ToddKaiser

        2014-07-01 14:31:30   it was a great trip, I will definitely go back again soon. —DagonJones

        2014-07-18 11:02:56   Thanks for the backup —StevenDaubert

        2014-08-07 16:53:40   I can learn from you in terms of lay-out. That does look a lot better now ("Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue"). —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-08-28 07:55:36   Hi! :) I just want you's ta change "The Used Phone Store" from OUT OF BUSINESS to way "IN BUSINESS," because they R!!! :) Thanks! :) —skywords

        • I've pulled every instance of this comment off the wiki except for here. Thanks for reaching out to Skywords. ~JT

        2014-08-28 21:04:40   I figured that the mass reversion was better than leaving a very random-looking request on a couple dozen editors' personal pages, because it was very alarmist in tone and failed in the intended purpose. I saw that you had made phone contact already and thought to save you the trouble of the revert labor. —JudithTruman

        2014-08-29 10:16:15   Thanks of helping me out I really appreciate it :) —dnm12

        2014-09-02 20:18:24   Hello. I am trying to create a 'talk' page for myself, but it won't work, the system is refusing. I keep getting error messages when I try to do it. Could you create it for me? Thanks. —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-09-02 20:56:18   Thanks!! Yes, I was getting quite confused, didn't know what I was doing wrong. Thanks again! —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-09-02 21:09:16   What was the error? To me it seemed like I couldn't create a talk page on my own page because I had the same name creating it? I tried in Firefox and in Chrome, but the system wasn't impressed. :-) —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-09-02 21:28:30   Okay... I guess even systems sometimes are human like. I had another question that just popped up (somehow related?). The system doesn't know when I made my first edit on the Davis Wiki. How is that possible? Thanks for helping out. —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-09-03 20:15:35   'Wiki Gnome Headquarters'. :-))) I didn't even realize this existed. Looks cool too! —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-09-03 21:44:31   Pic? :-) —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-09-03 22:41:00   That's a good question. Maybe on the arm of your comfy chair? :-) —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-09-05 20:36:34   "MRAP" > Thanks! I was in a hurry this afternoon and time was ticking and Soon (hairdresser) was waiting (turned out, I had to wait, because she was busy, she's too popular); I couldn't spend more time on the Wikipedia links.

        Second image: "Envisioned use at a typical Farmers Market Saturday" >> :P —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-09-07 09:11:15   That's the craziest, most fun dedicated photo I have ever received! The gnome is much bigger than I anticipated. He is one hardworking gnome with his broomstick. The Barbie has a nice mid-length coupe and the skull... from Biology class (perfect teeth)? :-) Thank your friends for posing. This picture must be in the Davis Wiki Hall Of Fame! Thank you for a very cheerful start on this Sunday! —ConstantiaOomen

        2014-10-02 09:15:04   Hi, Im trying to add photos of my new location...a little help would be much appreciated...Please! —jwendt

        You have uploaded .htm files, they should be images so you can display them ~SD

          2014-10-09 11:35:17   Thanks for your help today. I should have included more information up front... —DavidGrundler

          • No worries... the going back and forth was also due to my assumptions, extrapolating from what you wrote. I'm glad I could help! -jw

          2014-10-23 21:42:23   Hi, I wonder if you could help me out. My animated gif of the MRAP is working on it's own page, but not in the comment section. Any possibility it could work in the comment section too? Thanks, 'preciate it. —ConstantiaOomen

          2014-10-24 10:06:31   Thanks! (MRAP) —ConstantiaOomen

          2014-10-25 19:51:24   I saw your edit on the Boy Scouts mentioning past crews. I thought about doing that, but I see no evidence anywhere else that those crews ever existed. I'm looking through council records to find out more. —DavidGrundler

          2014-10-25 21:40:38   Was it a local troop? If so, I might be able to help. —DavidGrundler

          • That's really cool. I am sure they will enjoy it.

          2014-11-03 22:41:45   Hi JW - I'm emailing you because I've made a blunder on the events page. From what I read- someone, much like you, would need to delete the extra entries. Yes, I inadvertently posted in triplicate. Yikes! not the tidy wiki we know and love. Would you be willing to help? I cannot seem to find a way to delete the extra entries myself. All 3 are under my name posted in the November 7 events. Tia, Adele —AdeleShaw

          2014-11-04 10:28:38   Thank you —AdeleShaw

          2014-11-05 10:19:16   Holy.... This must have been one of the worst spam attacks on the Davis Wiki ever? ("joyngah") Thanks for removing! —ConstantiaOomen

          2014-11-05 10:39:48   Was it a spam robot? It makes no sense to me. —ConstantiaOomen

          2014-11-12 10:53:07   Thanks re: SPAM. If it is obvious, I remove it. Wasn't sure what to think about the energy facilitator page, so I left it. Once I saw others were involved, I stayed out of it. —DavidGrundler

          2014-11-23 12:24:33   I'm a little confused about this "Best Of Joy" thing. I see absolutely no difference in the recent version and an advertisement. But how should something like this be turned around, making it more Davis Wiki like?

          This confuses me too:

          "Work With Us

          Interested in working with us? We are thrilled! We love affectionate couples, easy going attitudes, DIY touches, practical jokes, and fun! We don't love shot-lists, stuffy weddings and bossy wedding planners. Still sound good? Then introduce yourself!"

          What do they want? Models for their photography? Photographers? Wedding planners? It all seems so hollow and vague to me, their website too ('m sorry to say). —ConstantiaOomen

          2014-11-23 14:09:41   That would be best. I gave it some more thought. This looks like an advertisement, but not even a good one. It's very unclear in the 'Work with us' part. The photo is too 'clean' and stock-like. I find the website very confusing in navigation, with little content, and very impersonal. Like it's made by a (spam)robot.

          IMO, both current Davis Wiki text and website will not draw many visitors/new customers, so I think you will be doing them a big favor by molding it into something more appropriate. —ConstantiaOomen

          2014-11-24 09:47:34   True. Maybe if you would know the persons in the photo's, it would speak to you more. Still, I'd prefer something more original, un-stock-like. —ConstantiaOomen


          1. I've tracked rising costs with it: when I first bought this model, it was $44 on sale from $50. In the mid 2000s, I had it stolen from a very high end restaurant with a coat check, got the same hat for $75. In 2013, I lost it in a movie theater (my fault this time), and the same hat was now $100. Real wool is your friend for a long term, everyday wear item that can be touched up and maintained over time as a useful garment. After some bad skin cancer from sun exposure and years of walking through rain with ease (even with glasses), I highly recommend one for anybody who likes being outdoors.

          2014-12-29 19:46:05   Sounds like you got something really nasty. Hope you are on the mend and will be back to normal soon. —DavidGrundler

          2014-12-29 19:54:29   In re: what Covert Professor is referring to, the pages were not deleted, but many of the links in the "Wiki Community" page were broken. Specifically, any page that was a child of that page. When looking at the source, all of the broken links said "pagename/foo" instead of "Wiki%20Community/foo." I assume "pagename" was a variable that was supposed to be replaced with the current page name during the import. Anyway, I searched for other instances of "pagename" in other pages, but the search was not fruitful. —DavidGrundler

          2015-01-03 12:45:21   My date of entry on the Davis Wiki is exactly right (November 2011; I obviously started editing about six weeks after arrival in Davis). What happened to die-hard editors like yourself and Philip, now with an entry date in 2012? —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-1-28 Sorry I stepped on your edit.  Archiving is a better solution. SueHjerpe

          2015-01-28 22:51:34   RE: "phantom changes" (not sure if that's the phrasing you used)- could you send me a screenshot or open a bug? I'm not seeing anything weird, but I'm also running on two hours of sleep right now o_O —PhilipNeustrom

          2015-02-08 13:11:20   can I make Activity aka Recent changes denser on my end or is that type of functionality no longer doable? —StevenDaubert

          2015-02-09 01:38:38   Best way is to open an issue on @localwiki on GitHub. You can also email me but it may get lost in the dark email abyss. —PhilipNeustrom

          2015-02-25 12:07:15   Thanks. At one point I was trying to fix all of the tables, but that was too much of a chore. Now, when I need to take a break from my work, I take a look in the recent activity and see if anything needs to be cleaned up. Plenty of times I have made bookmarks, only to have someone beat me to it, including you. —DavidGrundler

          2015-03-20 21:06:32   Are you less active on the Davis Wiki or is it my imagination? :-) —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-03-21 23:32:30   Good to hear, we wouldn't want to miss you! —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-03-22 13:35:32   Hi, thank you for your clarification. I guess a lot of people feel kind of lost in the new Davis Wiki, like swimming in the deep sea and not knowing where to go. Change can be confusing. Thank you for leaving space to fill in and working in the background. —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-03-22 19:07:01   That is strange, I thought you would be in the group making that decision to go over to the new Davis Wiki, you being the long-time main editor next to a handful of people. It does seem opaque, is Philip the one 'in charge'? I am confused about this. —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-03-22 21:12:01   But you have been around for years, right? My conclusion: a lot of great work is being done and a lot of achievers, but maybe the whole thing needed/needs more communication on all levels and areas, something in a business a manager would do ? —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-03-22 21:26:18   That's a nice description, I recognize this. People who start something, just do this in a certain way that 'feels good' to them, or intuitive, something that came to mind, then it becomes standard to the 'followers'. It's like coming up with a price tag for something you made yourself, like a work of art, or something you acquired (without a real price) and then everybody thinks that price tag is the right one. And they even get mad if you change it, i.e. make it much more expensive or make it a give-away. The change confuses them, they found this 'given thing' a fact. :-) —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-03-27 13:42:27   Yes, that comment/edit mode thing is causing some trouble. —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-03-27 16:59:27   I know! What was that Zac page doing there? So random. =D —EliseKane

          2015-03-29 14:10:27   That MRAP sure is coming back to haunt us. (recent shooting and aftermath in Davis) —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-03-30 16:43:47   Hey JabberWokky, thanks for saying hi! I've seen you on here for years (probably since I started editing back in January 2006), but I'm not sure we've interacted before except for three kind comments you've left me on my page, though by definition those were not interactions since I hadn't replied to you. It was absent-minded of me not to reply but your kindness did not go unappreciated, so here's my belated THANK YOU for the encouraging words and the camaraderie. =) I hear you about the new aspects of the wiki. As with many things, there's a double edge to the newness. In my experience, the removal of code on the pages is, on one hand, a welcome change in terms of the ease of use here. I'm enjoying the ease of adding photos now, for example, rather than fidgeting with code and going crazy trying to figure out what bracket or apostrophe I left out that prevented me from getting a photo on a page. On the other hand, I'm finding that this very "ease" has come at the price of an over-correction to the finickiness of code (or maybe just a different type of code) whereby I'm finding I can't get a photo just where I want it. Not that the old wiki's photo placement was perfect but ITS sort of auto-placement characteristic seemed to create cleaner spaces around photos in relation to the surrounding text. This, in contrast to the erratic and often aesthetically displeasing auto-placement of the current wiki's photo feature. Very frustrating. But back to the first hand, I like that we can now size photos beyond the categories of "small," "medium," and "large," and again, I like the upload ease and the removal of tedium I sometimes felt in regard to the code. But back the second hand, I find that when I caption a photo and then click elsewhere on the page, the caption doesn't always take the first time; the space goes right back to blank. Have you experienced any of this and what do you like and dislike? I'm hoping these are mere bugs in programming that simply need eradication and/or tailoring to the desires and needs of us wiki editors. In terms of things you mentioned, I think some of the parts you're unused to will be gradually assimilated into your routine whereby at some point you won't even remember what the older feature was like. Other items you might eternally dislike and might always pale in comparison to your older version preferences. I'm glad you said something because it's nice to know I'm not the only one finding quirks/bugs/shortcomings/what-have-you. What is the phrase? "Patience, young grasshopper." I'm maintaining my grasshopper patience and hoping the programmer folk can make adjustments for us. =) —EliseKane

          2015-05-06 22:58:34   Hey Jabberwokky, didn't know it was you or anyone else who had worded it that way; I hadn't reviewed your changes, so apologies if you had just reworded and I came along on your tail and reworded again. I'm glad it so happens you like my wording better, though! =) Elise p.s. What's this angle bracket thing you mention? —EliseKane

          2015-05-25 03:37:57   A very thoughtful redirect! ("Best leaf blower"), thank you! :D —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-06-08 01:36:31   Re: Referral Driving School page: Every time I've clicked on a link on the page it has gone to the appropriate page or URL. I'm not seeing whatever you're seeing. Besides, it doesn't make sense: How and where do these 'extraterrestrial' links come from, since there has been no sign of anyone editing the page other than five users, none of whom appear to have any association with AP. - BJSangwan —BJSangwan

          2015-06-08 01:55:28   Re: Referral Driving School: Yes, I see that the FB link on that version goes to the AP site. Totally bizarre. Is there any way to see who last edited the page prior to that version appearing? - BJSangwan —BJSangwan

          2015-07-07 22:51:32   Thanks so much for editing the Davis Dharmata page last night. It was my first time editing and things really were not going well as the entire page went away following my edits. I went to bed and said well maybe a miracle will occur overnight. and there it was in the morning :) JW a miracle worker in the wee hours corrected it all!. Tonight I added a couple of more things...this time using Chrome browser rather than Explorer and I am very pleased with the results. You are an angel! Be well, Joyous Day —JoyousDay

          2015-07-17 19:25:59   Thanks, JW. I don't know who can lock and I doubt I would feel comfortable locking a page. It is interesting to see how few people clean up or add content. It is a sad loss, but as technology changes I have seen many favored things lost and new ones appear eventually. I started in the 1960's with IBM mainframes. Sue —SueHjerpe

          2015-08-13 15:37:39   Why's that (not a skeptic?). I am very active as a skeptic, but mostly in the Dutch area, but planning to become member of the American Skeptics Society. Here's a recent example. —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-08-13 15:48:04   Lol! (skeptic) - are you a member of the American Skeptics Society. I am due there! —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-08-21 02:19:46   Hi, I was hoping you might be able to add me to the list of Davis real estate brokers. You've locked it due to spamming. It is "Lowenthal Realty". Please use "Lowenthal Realty - Independent business and real estate broker-attorney Justin C. Lowenthal". Thank you! —JustinLowenthal

          2015-09-21 14:56:12   Hi JW, how are you doing? I am looking for the Davis Fatalities page (turned deadly accidents and so on), but for some reason can't find it, I've tried tags and stuff to no avail. Can you give me the link? There has been a fatality in Davis recently, somebody died at a bar... —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-09-21 23:24:00   That was the phrase I have been looking for, thanks! Glad to hear you are okay and still on it! —ConstantiaOomen

          2015-10-14 14:01:49   Could you give me a hint on/directions to this Montreal neighborhood in Davis? I'm always anxious to explore new routes and unseen things in Davis and surrounding areas. ;-) ;-) —ConstantiaOomen


          2015-10-14 14:01:49   Only 262 h of cycling, that seems doable! :D —ConstantiaOomen


          2015-10-14 15:15:22   Old North Davis having a Canadian theme would surprise me--however-- I *just yesterday* realized that Shasta, Denali, and El Capitan are all referencing mountains, and it was only recently that I noticed that Arlington Farm apartments are in the general vicinity of Arlington Blvd. —JudithTruman

          2015-11-29 10:01:31   Hi, thanks for the suggestion and my apologies for the harsh comment. —SueHjerpe

          2016-03-21 16:29:33   Just had a JW conflicting edit. It has been a while my friend... —DavidGrundler

          2016-04-23 19:23:01   All I wanted to do was add an event, but it was too terrible to ignore. —JoshuaEndow

          2016-04-28 13:09:01   Yeah, I know BL has been on here for years, and I'm totally familiar with his editing style. I've actually defended him in the past when others made some racist/sexist remarks on some of his edits. I did think the paid-editor comments were starting to cross the line for me though. DG was trying to keep the page fair, and BL was not only inserting fairly biased edits into the leading paragraph, but was tossing somewhat inflammatory statements back at DG for the reverts. If he's kidding around that's fine, but it wasn't immediately apparent to me, so wanted to lay out my thoughts on it. —jefftolentino

          By the way, I thought your edits were fine.  I was writing my no-change comments while your edits went through.  - JT

          2016-04-28 14:09:23   No worries. I'm totally in favor of friendly exchanges via edit comments, but I've definitely been on the receiving end of shitty edit comments, and it sucks. In fact, I think the racist/sexist issues directed at BL many moons ago started out as an edit comment. That turned into a super dumb edit war that wasted a lot of peoples time and hurt a bunch of peoples feelings. Maybe I'm still a little jaded about past exchanges, but I guess I'm less enthusiastic about the nastier banter within the "community" these days. Its definitely alienated people, and I don't like to see that. I like what DG was doing, and I thought BL was being a little bit lame, whether or not he was being cheeky. For the record, I'm totally not worried about where the LK page is going, and I don't really care about whether BL is right or wrong here. I know his style and I know lame comments can be part of Daviswiki experience, so was just hoping to add some balance to exchange. —jefftolentino

          2016-04-28 15:35:08   I didn't necessarily think the "paid edits" comment was serious, but I did respond the way I did because others might be confused. I agree with JT with regard to the tone of the page and trying to keep it neutral. No one is trying to cover anything up. ITs just that a lot of made up crap was going up with the actual facts, and I think it should be more objective. —DavidGrundler

          Walked past this place the other day and couldn't help but think of you!  --PhilipNeustrom

          I guess you've seen some of the recent back and forth with Mike I here: - wondering if you would be willing to talk with him.

              I have been following it, and I am willing to talk to him, and I have.  He reached out to me via email, and I have responded, both in general and with a few specifics.  I have also spoken to some of the classic editors for their views.  I will give an update after there's been enough back and forth to actually get into things.   -jw

          Thank you.  I am glad to hear this.

          2017-02-08 17:57:27   Sure thing. —DavidGrundler

          2018-08-22 14:56:19   Hi JW. Ah, for me it was a first seeing it here. Thanks for banning. I was already wondering about Philip, because it seemed to me no spammers (and there were quite some, serious ones too) were banned lately, for quite a while now? Can I send ban-the-spammers requests to you instead? Is Philip on holiday? What áre these people thinking, is it a Google ranking kind of thing maybe? "Nekkid", haha... —ConstantiaOomen

          2018-09-02 14:43:57   Thank you, good to know you are still the major force around here! —ConstantiaOomen

          2018-11-02 22:10:07   Hi JW, yes, I think this was what's being said to J. My ex was just repeating the message, I don't think that at this occasion he's creative enough to have come up with *another phrase* than the one mentioned, especially because the call woke him up, as he still was half asleep. His report on this was a total innocent one, I could read in his mail he really was a bit upset about this. But on a serious note, my ex did take it seriously and so did I, even though I was baffled right away and grinning out loud, because I just knew this was wrong and I wasn't impressed one bit, I knew I did nothing wrong. I have been editing a long time and have been a frequent member on skeptic fora and am fully aware of ways of scammers and how to recognize them, too. I am dealing with people who are balancing on, and falling off!, the edge of legality since quite some time, so I am kind of trained in these sort of things too: But yes, your reaction would be the same as mine, disbelief and then finding it funny. But this doesn't mean I am not taking this seriously, because I feel there is a potential treat to me here, I always have good gut feelings about things and that gut feeling told me today: hey, maybe you should indeed report this to the Police, so they already know about it, when or if this lady truly thinks Í am the bad guy here and she would take her frustration out on me.

          I do feel you too should be on alert too (because they called you), because maybe they would try to abuse your great kindness and decency. Sometimes you have to be stringent with people like that. 


          2018-11-03 01:27:29   Here’s answer to your question what she said to my ex: ConstantiaOomen

          2018-11-03 19:59:59   Hi JW, guess that settles it (see my latest points made on the Con Artist Talk Page). I have emailed you. If you want me to add your knowledge and/or questions to my report this Monday to the Davis Police, could you please email me before Monday? Thanks so much! —ConstantiaOomen

          2018-11-05 22:07:09   Dear JW, please don't fall for the smooth talk of these people, just don't. Read my comment about this. Even when they call you, be vigilant. —ConstantiaOomen

          2018-11-09 18:44:30   Hi, JW! Is it possible to just *rename* the "Con Artists" page to "Con Artists Past" by a head admin, like yourself? We could take it from there, see if there's any recent stuff on it that can go to the "Con Artists Ongoing" page I just created? —ConstantiaOomen

          2018-11-12 16:46:28   wokwokwokwokwokwokwok —StevenDaubert

          2018-11-14 16:22:44   Oh wow, the new Con Artist pages look stunning! I just saved all text from the Con Artist talk page, so feel free to remove. Thanks for asking! JabberWokky, thanks for this awesome job! —ConstantiaOomen

          2018-11-20 07:53:30   Hi Evan. While cleaning out spam from the main space, I came across this: I deleted it as inappropriate in the main space, but it looks like a Davis thing that you've had some involvement with, so I thought I'd bring it to your attention. PS - not sure how to do a link in a comment on Davis! —MWanner

          2018-11-23 11:50:37   Thank you for assistance with front page/community alert. In this case though, still don’t get it, because the front page can’t be edited, it’s just an almost empty frame, the real content is elsewhere. —ConstantiaOomen

          2018-11-26 14:33:38   Now now, JW, don't you think we all NEED this?: "How to choose the right HRMS for your needs" 🤩


          2019-01-11 01:35:58   You are not going to believe this. The female officer I so elaborately spoke with in case of Marlo Compton here on the Davis Wiki, possibly has been fatally shot this evening in Davis. Natalie Corona. Despite of my run-in with her, she made quite an impression on me: tall, good-looking, firm voice, a lot of good police material, but still inexperienced. I now remember my words to her as I was quite angry with her calling et cetera you know the story, I said to her: “You still have a lot to learn.”. You know why I said that. Could it be this young woman is now deceased? It makes me very sad. 😢 —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-01-11 08:05:01   Incredible. She indeed passed away, as did her also young shooter. I will never forget my conversation with her. Her pleasant deep alto voice. What I said to her, that she still had so much to learn, and how she looked at me when I said that. That she offered her apologies and called ex and G to offer them apologies as well. My conclusion was and is that she was and is a good person. Can’t believe she passed to another world. Natalie Corona, see you in Heaven. —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-01-23 18:14:46   Lol, JabberWokky. Yes, this person has a tendency to "literary hate". I bet he isn't the dumbest, too. But that of the "smell". That would be the last thing that comes to mind when looking at your profile. 🌷 He assumes all sorts of things, but I would recommend him not to test me personally. He could be in for a "surprise". I do recommend that he starts canalizing his dormant literary talent into more fruitful directions. —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-01-23 20:03:09   Ooh, were we having a spot of bother with Roommates Wanted? I see a disturbing trend on the Recent Activity, which is why I ask. Thanks, as always, for your efforts on DavisWiki. —DougWalter

          2019-01-23 21:34:06   Hi JabberWokky, I don't see why this McNugget thing needs to be on the Davis Wiki? Please explain? Meantime, I will delete, because I see nothing of value here. —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-03-02 16:20:01   Howdy. Your tabs solution on the "Con artists" page to me seem a very good frame example on how to address the several Natalie Corona controversies. I guess I could do it, using your example. Or do you want to give me/us a shortcut by creating a similar frame? I Think Cameron would approve, though she can speak for herself... —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-03-02 16:35:32   Congrats on wife! Your plans for today sound very good to me! Yeah, I just looked at the source code of Con artists, and at first, it indeed looks very doable to me, but I am starting to doubt if I can get it done quickly. Maybe if I copy the whole code and try to replace things with NC content. Bit worried about that, because I see there are links ín the horizontal image. I don't want to lay it "all" on you, except if you really don't mind and have the time, or even enjoy doing it. This Con Artists page is such a great creation, I wish it was a template for all to use, if you wouldn't mind, that is, like the Business page template I recently found on the Wiki. —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-05-05 00:38:06   Thanks for trying to help :), but the comment box still isn’t visible... Constantia tried to fix it too, but it didn’t work: She suggested we should ask you for help. —EzekielT

          2019-05-07 22:54:02   Thanks for trying again! So how’d that go? What’d the coder say to you? —EzekielT

          2019-05-28 00:47:02   👀 I was lazily copying text and images all together (they were attached to each other) from the new Baker Optometry website. It did work to some degree (to my surprise); guess the images were uploaded through their website. But when I wanted to resize an image, I was over-asking, it didn't quite work for all images, so I uploaded the images on the Davis Wiki after all. I made screenshots, because their website isn't built with "normal" jpg images et cetera. I hope the Baker Optometry page looks agreeable now. —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-06-28 15:38:40   Howdy JW, long time no see. I am feeling a bit Wiki-p-off, because somebody just created a Wiki sub for a business, not a place, and am I wrong to think this is not the purpose of the Davis Wiki? If we allow this, the Wiki becomes a whole new ball game, something like Second Yelp. I personally am no fan of the idea. Could you please do or say something about this, and maybe undo the sub this Jennifer created in the meantime? —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-07-08 18:32:55   Hi, I thought you might shed some light on an Apple thing. My iPad and iPhone stubbornly refer to Davis as to "Davis - Ivy Town"- in my photo library, that is. Though I recently thought to myself: hey, that's real funny!, considering Davis "magical" allure, and this of course:, I would like to know why Apple does that, and I couldn't find it so far on the www. I assume it does this with all people in Davis, can't imagine it's just a glitch on my Apple friends. If you have a clue, or somebody else who reads this comment, please let me know, because I plan to use this fact in a short, upcoming photo blog of mine. Thanks so much! —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-07-20 15:44:05   Looking into the man Adam Flowers, I tend to think there must be a sad reason for him to go on this removal stroke... he seemed out of his mind. But the pages he created in the rather long past were nice ones... I think they have great value, it’s truly about historic Davis. My mind was entertaining the idea just now that somebody needs to print out the whole Davis Wiki... crazy idea right? Only the last version of course. Could make for a complete library. —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-07-21 21:00:26   Concerning the Baker Optometry discussion. Thanks JW. Yeah, something I learned in more recent years, is to remain factual and strive for real valid substantiation (something I learned from Rob Nanninga). The idea of "New" is great, I will do that. But as you will or will not notice, this DavisWikiEditor530 user could be driven by something else, and it could or could not be, that I know what it is. So your "New" suggestion might or might not please him/her. :p —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-07-22 01:30:45   Yes, it's fixed. Just did it again after deleting my first version/getting back to the old situation. Thank you. I named the page, but your title + content idea is better, shorter too, and as always: less is more. —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-07-22 17:01:46   Hah, I was just thinking about updating my profile too. I'm staying busy and doing great these days! I hope you and Sarah are well in Nashville. P.S. I went to Rocky Horror for the very first time (!) a couple months ago and thought of you! —PhilipNeustrom

          2019-07-23 22:04:42   "Wanted Pages used to be automatically generated by the software. It showed all links that were made but didn't go to a current page. So you could write about Skydiving and ["Parachutes"] and then Parachutes would be "Wanted" until somebody made a page for it."" Ahhhhh, yeah, that explains it alright!! Thanks! —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-09-19 03:18:13   Oh, thanks, yes, but if nobody responds, then it’s not a success. I had to think of Shark Tank’s “Mr Wonderful”’s sentence: “If it’s not a success, take it behind the barn and shoot it.” —ConstantiaOomen

          2019-10-23 20:06:45   Huw, are you accepting touristic pages about faraway locations now? Please explain? —ConstantiaOomen

          2020-01-25 17:15:49   Ooaa, nice oldie song, added to my favorites! I didn't know. Yes, the word "sugar" could easily be replaced by "spam". Maybe it's time somebody should take that as a musical challenge. —ConstantiaOomen

          2020-02-25 01:36:36   Whoa, wanted to share this with you, so I made screenshots before deleting the content. This guy has taken spamming to a whole new level:


          2020-02-25 01:47:03   Yes, this spam guy almost impressed me. Rofl. ;-) —ConstantiaOomen

          2020-02-29 04:50:15   Wow, that is a huge undertaking... Who would have thought that of all cities in the USA, medical heart UCDavis would miss the big road sign of COVID-19 in a patient? —ConstantiaOomen

          2020-02-29 11:37:06   On Leap Day and typical for me: late realization, the double big event with the name “Corona”. About year ago and now again... —ConstantiaOomen

          2021-04-21 21:55:31   Hi, it has been such a long time and I don't see you around anymore? Greetings from a silent Davis, Constantia —ConstantiaOomen

          2021-06-08 18:14:27   Hope to see you again, I miss you on the Wiki! —ConstantiaOomen

          2021-06-14 15:35:35   Haha, JW, now that's a good one. We "old" people just using what we have been using for a long time! Always a good idea to check if your settings are up to speed. So glad to "see" you again! Davis Wiki and Local Wiki are not the same without you! —ConstantiaOomen

          2021-06-15 22:55:41   Good to hear, you are one of the corner stones of the Wiki. And to me too. Yes, I emailed you all (this email group) with this problem, and so it turns out, both you and I had the same problem! I had exactly what you described, I was being logged out all the time, and blaming it on (poor old) Google Chrome, never checking if the Davis Wiki url had changed, just clicking on the bookmark, again and again, which it did: the url changed. Last weekend, suddenly Chrome had had it and even on my iPad, it wasn't displaying the Davis Wiki page anymore, so now I had to take action. It kept saying: "Too many redirects". This didn't ring a bell at first, but somewhere along these lines, a thought suddenly occurred to me. "It surely won't be the case that...". But yes, I looked at the url and noticed it was not the right one anymore (Google search). Probably Philip Neustrom can tell us exactly when the url changed. :-p But you and I obviously are totally on the same ways and paths, you being from Davis too, et cetera. Lol. —ConstantiaOomen

          2021-09-10 07:09:03   Hi JabberWokky! How have you been? It's been a long time. I've been kind of sick of social media and so have been thinking about spending more time here on the wiki in my spare time. Do you happen to know if this site still get a fair amount of hits or is it as abandoned as it seems? There are so many new restaurants and businesses that have come and gone, but these changes are rarely being updated. Why do you think so many active editors left here? For me, I found the new design to be a bit less accessible than imagined, but that could simply be laziness on my behalf. —ScottMeehleib

          2021-09-10 09:48:56   Hi again JW! Sorry to keep pestering you. I called your number you have listed earlier and left a message... Hey, is it possible to lock the Josh Lawson page for awhile? It's getting ridiculous and now the libel is extending towards my wife, which is especially unfair, because Josh and her aren't even friends. As you may or may not remember, Josh is a fairly "out there" guy, but as his friend and former housemate, I can attest that he's never been a neo-nazi or done drugs in my presence along with all the other false allegations. If this person would have been specific about something that Josh said or did that pissed them off so much, I would have been fine to leave it open to consideration, but this is straight up character assassination that comes up first now when you type in "Josh Lawson Davis" on a google search, and so I consider this a pretty severe attempt to smear his future opportunities in an extremely unfair way. Josh has struggled with cancer the last couple years and really doesn't need this crap. —ScottMeehleib

          2021-09-12 17:16:27   Good job, Evan! —MWanner