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This may be too obscure, but looking at the slate names for the Winter 2011 ASUCD Election, it occurs to me that all it needs is an asshole from El Paso to run.


Strangely, problem areas in the wiki cycle in large waves.

  • 200?: ASUCD Slates
  • 200?: Dentists
  • 2010: Apartments
  • 2011: Taxi Services (REALLY!??!)
  • 20xx: Doctor Wily? Our Robotic Overlords? Eloi? God-Queen Suri? Xiticix extermination services? Unification war? Flatcats? Protein sources for Metamorphis?

Return to Sender

Okay, so I'm trolling the news for stories involving Davis (not, not that kind, this kind). I find a nice story about how PV Evolution Labs is opening a new testing facility in Davis. Cool! So, I start looking on the wiki for info. Nothing. Okay, let's look at the article... uhhh... note the photo credit. Well, it's SOMEwhere on the wiki.

Wiki Classics


  • JeromeJohnson
  • The furor over papasan chairs on the wiki?
  • Hitler and Nazis becomes a legitimate topic of conversation on the IKEA entry.
  • Greatest. Edit. Ever. The fact that this just went multigenerational says more about the wiki being a real reflection of the community than anything else ever will. The very real line of human life that we are all stepping through and weaving together is laid clear and real here. Like an overheard comment while watering your lawn, or a chance chat with a neighbor while in line at the bank, this is the fingerprint of human experience — a moment of pure life — caught on the wiki.
  • Graduate Tutorial Services — one guy posts the story of how he was annoyed during his interview, nothing happens for two weeks, and then a bunch of people start signing up and jumping all over him, mostly with new accounts, all within the span of a few hours. Flashmob a la wiki?
  • Bistro 33 — A great example of how chaos became a useful entry.
  • Real Computers — Not understanding the wiki.
  • When WilliamLewis not only tracked down a spammer, he found a webcam in their office!
  • Greatest image filename typo ever.
  • The debate in mid 2010 over accusations of racism? The community discussing the serious concerns of the ramifications of speech and identity. Significantly more heavy topics than papasan chairs, but discussed with passion and (mostly) with respect.
  • When the Crying Girl went viral... and then hit the media?
  • The bizarre wiki snowball fight that resulted when anonpincher claimed that there was a wiki conspiracy against his revealing the Tandem conspiracy that he couldn't reveal for reasons of security?
  • Taylor — who made adamant demands about content and edited the same content repeatedly, day after day, several times a day — chiding another person with the claim that they "police Daviswiki". An example of the common thread of people seeing everybody as bullies and themselves as victims when they are confronted with the fact that the people around them also have rights to edit the content and that real people working out disputes isn't easy nor universally satisfactory to all concerned.
  • Greatest childish wiki sulk to date.
  • This is a great edit, as it is unabashedly direct, not personally insulting, and it presents a pretty common point of view.
  • Or, going for the personal and trivial, this edit captures an intimate part of Davis. Awesome.
  • One of the best introductions I've seen on the wiki. Neat life story.

Proposal for a Radical Change

Here's a new proposal for the home page:
   Bizarro World               Drom's Comics and Cards    

Comic is Creative Commons By-NC
"Hey there, viewer! Do you want YOUR wiki entry to be padded out, fully documented and have an image gallery to put Picnic Day to shame? Well then, just delete it, claim you want to keep it hush hush, and watch it *fly* across the Recent Changes as an army of people update that puppy to the world's leading resource and the number one Google return!"

Random Wiki Nonsense

Ten Random Links

Five Random People

Non Random Cool Entries

  • European White Birch
    • I was expecting something completely different. I thought it said "European White Bitch" —jimstewart
  • I Hate Davis — in which the "campus landscapers" are called in utter and delicious ironic humor, the gender specific "sexist bastards".

We Hate Wiki Wars

lyrics by Wes-P (To the tune of "I Love Rock 'n Roll") We saw the revisions and thought that they were mean We tried to fix it up so that it was clean We thought that it was wrong But the trolls all just hang on And we could tell the fight would be long Til the trolls went away, away And we could tell the fight would be long Til the trolls went away, away... singin'

We hate Wiki Wars We all hate all of the stupid comments, baby We hate Wiki Wars So Come and take Wiki Chill Pill now Oh

All the trolls laughed when we asked them for all their Realnames It don't matter, they said You should feel ashamed Said “Leave this page alone” Why don't you leave your homes And we could tell the fight would be long Til the trolls went away, away And this has lasted oh so damn long And the trolls are all here to stay, to stay.. singin'

We hate Wiki Wars We all hate all of the stupid comments, baby We hate Wiki Wars So Come and take Wiki Chill Pill now