South Davis' main artery. It is named after landowner Henry Cowell, who owned a cattle ranch southeast of today's Mace Boulevard and Montgomery Avenue.

The Cowell/Covell Confusion

Cowell is often confused with north Davis' Covell Blvd. In fact, if you're in north Davis and a perplexed driver stops to ask you for directions, you can almost bet that they've confused Cowell with Covell (an understandable mistake if instructions are written down and not spoken). Easy enough to rectify: go east on Covell, continuing as it becomes Mace Blvd and crosses I-80. Cowell will be the first intersecting street after the El Macero Shopping Center.

More on Henry Cowell here. Does anyone have information about Cowell's connection to Davis? This article doesn't even mention Davis (Berkeley is the closest). Is it possible that this is the wrong Cowell? Final question—are Cowell Boulevard and the Cowell Student Health Center named for the same person?

Major things along Cowell Boulevard



Interesting Stuff

To help with telling Cowell and Covell apart, the Unitrans bus drivers will call Cowell just Cow.