A Shared Awareness
The Lofts, 105 E Street #3G, Davis, CA
Monday, 7-9PM *see below
Tuesday, 7-9PM*see below
(530) 756-2671

Sunny Shine


*A Shared Awareness will be on hiatus through the end of this year 2015.  Many commitments to fulfill--listening to birds, bees--watching the trees. 

Using whatever time available to nurture this precious environment, personal practice and whatever calls! 

Will however be available to meet one on one.  Please call or e-mail.  


  Yogi Acharya Lama Gursam                                                                         Anam Thubten, Rinpoche





Our Sangha gathers weekly on Monday and Tuesday evenings at 7 pm for puja. On Monday, the puja follows the Practice Book of Lama Gursam Rinpoche of the Bodhicitta Foundation, followed by our Dharma Reading and Discussion Group. On Tuesday, the puja follows the Practice as taught by Anam Thubten Rinpoche of the Dharmata Foundation, and is followed by listening together to a recorded teaching. We meet at A Shared Awareness, The Lofts, 105 E Street #3G, Davis, CA, and begin promptly at 7 pm. Please join us!

Street Parking in the downtown area is generally available and free on week nights. Other than street parking you may try the parking structure above the movie theaters on E Street between First & Second Streets, or the parking lot behind Whole Foods Market on the south side of First Street between D & E Streets.

Come alone or bring a friend; you are welcome anytime! We hope you will take this opportunity to join us and deepen your practice of the dharma. Do feel free to invite a friend and to tell others about these regular practice sessions! For more information call Sunny (530)756-2671 or e-mail [email protected] (answer within a few days) Ask to be added to the mailing list. Come help us wear out our cushions!


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Lama Gursam spends half the year in Nepal and India doing personal retreat and attending advanced teachings. The other six months he travels extensively, teaching at various centers.  He teaches in English and gives focus on practical application in everyday life.  He says "It is not necessary to be a Buddhist to meditate....When I teach, I am sharing Buddhism, but there is no expectation that you will become a Buddhist."  He is a great joy to be with! joyous day