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Davis PC Tech is a local computer repair company whose slogan is "the best service at the best prices." They offer a money back guarantee: if they can't fix it, they cover the fee. They also guarantee the lowest price with price matching, and offer multiple computer discounts.

Like many such businesses, they offer free diagnostics.


  • Diagnostic - Free
  • Virus/spyware removal
  • Corrupt OS/OS Restore
  • Wired/wireless networking
  • Internet problems
  • Setting up a new computer
  • Computer security
  • Applications — installation/upgrades/removal
  • Hardware/software — installation/upgrades/removal
  • Computer back up
  • Data recovery
  • Help learning the basics of computing
  • Advice on what kind of computer to buy
  • Finding solutions to any other problems you may have with your PC

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2010-09-02 18:38:51   I had them extract some data for a laptop that was having some issues. It was fast and easy and they also removed the hard drive and RAM (both functional) for me without me even asking! Thanks. —WeiChun