417 Mace Blvd in El Macero Shopping Center
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Saturday

El Macero Cleaners is a full service garment cleaner. They offer both wet and dry cleaning as well as alterations. Leather and suede cleaning is outsourced weekly on Fridays — expect a seven-day turnaround. See Also: Laundry & Drycleaning

Two piece suit: $12.25 (checked 2/26/08), Suede jacket, hip length: $50 (checked 5/23/05)

See our Laundry & Drycleaning page for other businesses providing clothes cleaning service or check our Tailoring page for a list of other tailors within Davis.

What was your experience with El Macero Cleaners?

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2006-01-28 00:04:53   Decent service, but I could have bought a second wardrobe with how much they charge! —JuanFernandez

2006-03-29 16:25:02   I had a terrible experience at this cleaners. Not only do they have terrible custormer service, they do not stand behind their work and were unreasonable and extremely rude. My alterations were not completed as promised. Besides being extremely rude, they are also overpriced. —SamBallard

2007-09-07 09:35:39   I had just moved to this area of Davis and needed a quick measurement for a bridesmaid dress, and ran in here, hoping they could do it. However, they told me they couldn't take my measurements, which makes no sense since they do tailoring. As a result of this experience, I've decided not to take any of my dry cleaning here...considering I wear suits pretty much every day, they've lost a lot of business because they didn't want to take 5 minutes to take a free measurement. —AcMach

2008-04-06 18:45:20   I used this place for my regular dry cleaning needs for several years, and I loved it. The service was excellent. The woman at the counter always remembered me and asked me about school, etc. After my mom dropped of my cleaning one time, she always asked how my mom was doing. The prices are similar to the prices I've found in Sacramento, but the service at El Macero was definitely better than the places I've tried in Sac. Twice I dropped off cardigans that were missing buttons, and they replaced them without me asking and free of charge. I highly recommend this place, especially if you want a dependable neighborhood cleaners that you plan on frequenting often. —emilynewton

2008-04-06 22:17:43   Agree with you emilynewton I have used this cleaners for years and had nothing but a wonderful experience. Super nice, great work and fair prices. Always seem to remember something about you and always so pleasant. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the this side of town. —loneshark

2009-03-03 17:26:32   Just picked my dry cleaning this afternoon. I had a couple of suits that I needed for work. This is a fabulous place! Great service, convenient and reasonably priced. The lady who helped me provided prompt service and is very, very pleasant. I plan on becoming a regular. —CurlyGirl26

2009-03-03 19:46:05   I've been meaning to say this for years. This is one of the best businesses I've used. My clothes always look great, and I love the service. I highly recommend! —Davidlm

2011-04-30 23:51:30   I find it odd that the two sets of positive comments are on the exact same day, and done only a few hours of each other. I hope that they are real and not done by the business themselves. I do plan on giving El Macero Cleaners a try some time next week, since it is conveniently near my home. —fg84

In this case, CurlyGirl26 and Davidlm are both long-time editors and David owns a local business (a different one). Loneshark has edited a fair amount as well, across a variety of pages. emilynewton has only made the one edit, but that's pretty common here. A lot of people just drop by to sound off about their favorite (or least favorite) places. You can check out an editor's history here by clicking on their name, clicking on the "info" button on their user page, and then clicking the "User's Info" tab. —TomGarberson

2011-05-01 12:45:55   Yes, legit comment. I've been using this cleaners for 13 years and always great service on both the cleaning and customer service end. Local family that I see around town and always say "hi" to. —loneshark

2017-04-20 21:14:00   I have been using this cleaner since I first moved to South Davis about 10 years ago. Last year I moved to North Davis, but I still make the trip. The people are friendly and very helpful. —charles021