4849 El Cemonte Avenue
(South Davis, between Chiles Road & Cowell Blvd. just east of Mace Blvd.)
Office Hours
Closed Sat, Sun & Mon; Tue - Fri 10am-6pm
(866) 593-4728
[email protected]
Ellington Apartments in Davis, CA 95616
Dogs/cats allowed
Pool/hot tub
Covered parking
Internet access
Central heat/air
Exercise room
WI-FI access in pool area
Enclosed Bark Park

Ellington Apartments is now leasing for immediate move in! Indoor cats and dogs (no weight limit, but breed restrictions) are accepted with a $300 deposit each, plus pet rent of $10/month/pet. Included are fully equipped kitchens, wood burning fireplaces, a sun deck, pool/hot tub, enclosed dog park area, 24 hour fitness center and internet lounge with free printing, bicycle racks and bus stops right outside the community. Our WAITLIST for 2016 is now OPEN!  Online leasing is now available where you may view actual availability, apply, and reserve an apartment online. www.ellington-apts.com

Floor plans and rates (Prices and availability can change at any time): 1 bed, 1 bath: $1003-$1135; $300 deposit 2 bed, 1 bath: $1168-$1335; $400 deposit 2 bed, 2 bath: $1252-$1450; $400 deposit 3 bed, 2 bath: $1577-$1790; $500 deposit 4 bed, 2 bath: $1860-$1875; $600 deposit

They used to be known as the Cambridge Glen Apartments.



To learn about other rental housing options in Davis, visit our Rental Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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2005-03-20 12:56:01   Great place for grad students! Peaceful and quite. Live here if you don't like parties in your neighborhood! —HannahHannah

This comment appears to be management propaganda. This poster has only posted two overly-flattering comments on different Sequoia Equities properties. —JustinCummins

    2006-04-28 14:29:57   can someone confirm if there is a sauna here? —ChuckFrank

    2006-06-01 14:50:45   There was a sauna when I was there. I think it was just an electrical one (vs. hot rocks) —JanelleAlvstadMattson

    2006-08-07 01:00:03   I just moved from these apartments; in the past year that I lived there, they changed management 3 times, and changed names once. When I left, the sauna and spa were broken, the manager never came to work, and the pool was shut down by the health department. They are doing away with all of the amenities, including the fitness room and cable tv. Prices are insane for a place with no amenities! —ChimChiminey

    2007-01-27 21:44:02   Great place to live. The amenities have not gone away. The pool is fixed and there is the spa and sauna. New managment is there all the time and is very friendly and helpful. Very quiet and great place for graduate students that need to study. —SandraBallentine

    2007-03-12 21:48:35   The pet deposit is $400, which is pretty reasonable for Davis, but they charge $25/month rent per pet. With 2 dogs, I would have paid $600 per year in non-refundable pet rent, regardless of whether they destroyed anything or not. The $400 isn't bad, but it's quite hefty with that extra rent. —NicoleSams

    2007-03-12 22:00:53   We really liked living there. It's a great place for people who want to live in a quite apartment complex and/or those who commute to Sacramento as it's so close the Mace exit. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

    2007-05-24 11:53:44   This place is sub-par for the price. The appliances in our apartment are very old, despite promises when we were shown the apartment that they would be upgraded very soon. Earlier in the year they reneged on the cable tv, which was definitely used as a selling point when we signed the lease. The rent is also increasing dramatically when our lease is up, despite there being dozens of vacant units. The covered parking spaces are too small for two cars to park side by side unless they are both compacts, and because they never refill the doggy-stations with bags the children's play area is more a pet bathroom than anything else. That said, it is quiet and conveniently located for commuters. Also, the staff is friendly, if sometimes non-responsive. Beyond that, there's not much going for it. —PatrickRogers

    2007-10-26 15:08:39   Does anyone know what kinds of dogs they allow there? —ElisaSconza

    2007-12-30 16:40:24   I would recommend that people avoid this apartment. The management of the place has gone downhill starting from the day I moved in. I moved in on September of 2006, and at the time was lured by the free cable TV, dog-friendly atmosphere, and friendly staff members who welcomed me at a poolside luncheon that was sponsored by the apartment complex (one of many luncheons that apparently were put on throughout the year to give the place a sense of community). However, since I moved in the management fired all the friendly staff and replaced them with others who are rather inefficient at getting things done. My unit had a horribly loud air conditioner unit (for another apartment, so I couldnt control it) bolted outside my bedroom wall that throbbed the place. The staff took a good month to fix the problem and I had to sleep in my living room and repeatedly contact them daily to get the problem fixed. In addition, they cancelled the free cable TV with a letter claiming they will be using the additional funds to "better our living experience", but havent changed a thing (they cancelled the luncheons as well). Furthermore, despite claiming to be pet friendly, they pretty much clamp down all breeds except for small dogs and Golden Retrievers or Labradors. The pet rent and deposit are not advertised well, so hopeful dog owners end up paying much more than expected. Additionally, most places offer either a deposit or additional rent, but Ellington requires both. On that note its rather odd that having an extra human living in the apartment doesnt cost extra for rent, but having a pet does. Finally, for the price of the place, the complex does not pay for ANY utilities. Residents must pay for gas, electric, water, sewage, and garbage (the latter three being conveniently capped at $25/month, a fee that is not advertised until you're ready to sign the lease and arent really aware of until you get the first bill — these three utilities are usually included in rent).

    Thats all...I'd recommend avoiding this place if it can be helped. —tkessler

    2008-01-17 16:31:53   Avoid this place at all costs! The pool is always nasty, the "hot tub spa whatever", if the heath department hasn't shut it down, will burn your flesh off. Thing continue to be taken out my the complex, the one thing they replaced for the 12 thing they removed is stupid and bulky and hard to work. Some of the pegs on the weight machine are stuck and the tv doesn't work. Also the walls are paper thin. And the fountains in the pictures that look so nice dont work and they never will again because they never fix anything. —lindseyloo9210

    2008-03-15 01:13:49   Avoid this place. My rent has gone up over $100 over the 8 months I've lived here, and it's going up anther $25 next month. The pool apparently was shut down by the Health Department, but the management never put up any notices or made an effort to tell residents. The gym equipment is falling apart, the appliances are old, broken things don't get fixed very fast, and half the electrical sockets in my room don't work. It's fairly quiet though, and has easy access to I-80. —AndrewHartman

    2008-03-20 17:25:12   I kinda have a mixed review of Ellington. I have lived at Ellington for 2 years now. It is very quiet and is really convenient to hop right on the freeway since I commute. I like that there arn't very many students there and seem to be a family or young professional atmosphere than a student party place like other places that I have lived in in Davis. The one girl in the office is really nice, any time I go in she always has a smile on her face and listens to what I have to say. The complex itself has some issues, as it is pretty old. My appliances are a bit old and I stay away from the "gym." Parking can be a pain if you have a big car or more than one. The people complaining about getting their car towed, well that's true. They do tow cars that are either abandoned or have expired registration, regardless of where it is parked. My car was tagged (in my own assigned spot) a few months ago but when I went in and asked (I admit I was a bit mad) they told me my registration was expired and it is in my lease that it has to be current. All I did was make sure I put my sticker on and that was that. I never had a problem again. The pool is not heated, the spa always looks gross, but I do see them out there in the mornings cleaning (not very well though!). If I have to put in a service request, usually it is done within a couple days. Something that does kinda suck is that we don't get any amentities included in the rent, I pay $40 for water, trash, and sewage along with cable, internet, and PG&E. That along with my rent can get quite hefty. Which by the way, goes up about $25 everytime I have to renew which is a downer. Until I can buy a house, I'll deal with the apartment BS which I know I'll get pretty much anywhere! Ellington is SO-SO in my opinion. —funwithmoney

    • Is it legal for apartments to charge you for water, sewage, and garbage? Someone should look into this. —CalamityJanie

      • Yes, it is legal - my last apartment (in Vacaville) charged $50 / month for water, sewer and garbage for their 2-bedroom units. The management should be upfront about it, though, and it should be in your lease. —bear

    2008-04-23 17:43:55   I wish I read tkessler's comment before i moved into Ellington. It is painfully true. The heaters of the apartment above me are in front of my bedroom and they are so loud they wake me up at night. I kept complaining about it but they say it is normal. Each time i have a complain the people in the office treat it like is a non issue. More recently, they started throwing away the plants that people had in front of their apartments. And one of the reasons I took the downstair apt was that they told me I can keep plants on the ground area next to my apartment. this is new for me, having to deal with managemet people that are rude and very condescending. By the way, is it normal that we don't get an original of the renewal lease? I moved from another state and we always had 2 copies signed, one for the landlord and one for the tenant. Ellington claims they have to have the original. And they did not even gave me a copy until I went and asked for one. —anamaria2

    • Whenever I've signed a lease in Davis, I've been given a carbon copy that I've held onto. It's pretty standard in Davis, especially for the student-oriented apartments; however, when I signed a lease in LA, there was not a carbon copy, and I had to ask for a copy of the signed lease. It's good to be prepared for any situation, know what you're entitled to, and ask questions, since the apartment complex is going to be looking out for the management's best interests, not the tenant's. —ElleWeber

    2008-07-02 18:14:53   I've lived in 8 different places in Davis and I lived in Ellington for a year and I can say without reservation that it was the worst place I lived in Davis. The 'ONLY' reason I lived there was that they are one of the few places in Davis that will do rent on a month to month basis and I knew I would be leaving soon. In hind sight I should have just payed for a full year at the place I was at previously. So basically it's extremely overpriced, the apartments are small and poorly insulated. We had several maintenance issues which ranged from not having a functioning heater for a few months in the winter to having all our screens fall out. I kid you not there were like 10 different managers and only one was nice and knew what was going on. The sauna didn't work the whole time I was there btw. We moved to Ellington from El Macero which was cheaper (1k vs 1,450) for a bigger nicer apartment, had better management, didn't jack us on our deposit, didn't send us threatening letters about house plants and cats seemingly randomly and didn't charge us 40$ a month for utilities which means the rent was really like 1500. So basically if you want to live in South Davis, don't live here. Look elsewhere you'll be happy you did. —basickler

    It appears as if the three following comments were left by the same person, or at least from the same computer within moments of each other.

    2008-08-06 19:27:25   Worst apartment ever!!! Rent is overpriced for a 2 bedroom. We were never informed of the additional fees (waste, water, sewage) we had to pay when we first signed our lease. Management sux-manager never came to work or left before their normal hours. The emergency # they had was useless-no one ever picks up. In addition, you have to purchase this card for $5 and have to add $$$ to use the laundry. Air conditioner is loud and blows out warm air. Parking space is limited and small. There's wifi connection in the clubhouse, but unfortunately no study lounge. Don't live here...awful place. —patrique

    • I'm sorry you had a negative experience here, but it seems unfair to me to to be upset that the staff worked during their office hours and not overtime. —ElleWeber

    2008-08-08 19:02:59   I agree w/ the others. Management is not so good here. Sometimes they would take lunch breaks for 2 hrs w/o having anyone in the office. —henry86

    2008-08-08 09:47:31   FYI, I called in the office today around 9:30am, and still no one assisted me. what kind of management is this! —patrique

    2008-08-08 10:08:06   the worst management i have experienced in Davis. very poorly managed. rent is OVERPRICED, dont be lured by the 1 month free rent that they offer you to move there, becuase everything else comes from your pockets. when we signed our lease we were never informed that we had to pay for waste and water. so on top of the 1295 rent we had to pay for a 2 bedroom apartment, we had to pay for water, waste, gas, electricty, sewage. if you have a pet they require both deposit and additional monthly rent. Everything at the apartment is old, the gym has equipment that looks like they got it from a jail, the hot tub and pool does not look nice, there is no sauna. management was not there during the OPERATING hours, they were always late to work or left early. P.S. the one who is responding to comments elle, is probably an apartment manager, and like she says: It's good to be prepared for any situation, know what you're entitled to, and ask questions, since the apartment complex is going to be looking out for the management's best interests, not the tenant's. BEWARE!!! —amanda1234

    • I'm not the manager or in any way affiliated with Ellington. You can see my comments on Stonegate Village Apartments, Arlington Farm, The Colleges at La Rue, and Sorrento Apartments for reviews of the places I've lived. I considered living in Ellington a few years ago, but decided it was too far from downtown. I will say though that the pet deposit and additional rent is standard, paying for gas and electricity is standard (and though making residents pay for water and trash is less usual, it's not unheard of), and you should ask to see amenities like pool, hot tub and gym equipment ahead of time so you know how well maintained it is. Lastly, read your lease carefully and ask about anything you're not sure of. It will include information about the complex that's important, like what utilities the complex pays for, if any. —ElleWeber

    It appears as if the two following comments were left by the same person, or at least from the same computer as a third account that seems to be used by someone who has a vested interest in the complex.

    2008-11-14 17:23:16   I've lived at Ellington for a few months now. There is in fact a sauna, I saw someone asking if there was one, and someone else said there isn't. Honestly, I really have no complaints. It's quiet and affordable since I got in when they were running a special. I lived in another place in Davis, and it was really run down and noisy. This is a nice change. Also, the girls in the office are very nice. —CAD

    2010-05-28 16:41:32   I've been here going on 6 months and absolutely love it! It's very quiet here and I always notice the maintenance staff outside working, improving the property. My neighbors are quiet and friendly, the management is always cheerful and helpful. I really have no complaints. —ShawnQW

    2009-09-21 15:50:27   I lived at Ellington until just recently. The place is horrible. Old power-sucking appliances (including the VERY noisy ac/heat units outside the bedroom windows), old stinky carpet, old yellowed and torn linoleum, old drafty ill-fitting windows, old popcorn ceilings, old gym equipment. Yes, everything at Ellington is old and in disrepair. The outside sprinklers flood the parking lot regularly (residents pay for water) and the complex smells like a wet dog. Maintenance is minimally responsive to issues, though I don't blame the maintenance staff so much as the owner who won't let the maintenance staff fix anything that costs money. I went 6 days without hot water because that's how long it took them to agree that lighting my hot water heater daily wasn't a practical solution to the problem with my broken 20 year old water heater (another old appliance). To top off this fabulous experience, I am now on the verge of seeking legal assistance to get them to tell me why they are taking nearly all of my deposit since I left the place cleaner than it was when I moved in. Don't live here (unless you love large spiders taking over your patio/balcony). They need to tear this place down and try again. —anti-ellington

    2009-10-07 15:41:27   I agree with anti-ellington on almost everything. I also had my water heater replaced during my stay. The heater was not working when I moved in. FIY, they deduct $75 for carpet cleaning (although the carpet was in a better state when I left than when I moved in). THey also bill you fully for the water/garbage even if you did not stay the whole month. Also, they do not do inspections during week-ends (although they say they do). When I gave them the notice, I scheduled my leaving on a Monday and asked if the inspection could be done on Saturday (is supposed to be 48 hours before leaving and they want the furniture out when they inspect). They said sure. Anyway, the week before my leaving I got the call to schedule the inspection and was told they do it only M-F. So basically, I had to be done by Friday with moving and payed an extra 3 days of rent for nothing. The girls in the office are always changing and either they do not know or don't care what information they give you. Get everything in writing. Never assume what they say is true. And if you insist on moving in, please take pictures of everything when you move in. —anamaria2

    2009-12-04 20:00:17   My boyfriend and I moved here in August of 2009. I love living here. It's quiet, pet friendly, and the neighbors & staff are all really nice as well. It's right across the street from Nugget which is super convenient & they just opened the Target which is only a couple blocks away (which only spells trouble for me). The people at the main office are all very friendly & helpful, and their maintenance man Scott is EXTREMELY helpful! We had a leaky shower faucet which we discovered around 12:30am and Scott showed up in no more than 20 minutes to come fix it! Amazing. If you enjoy peace and quiet and relaxation, this is the place to live! —AngelaN

    2009-12-04 20:05:06   Also, I've been reading comments where people complain about receiving no help from the main office. However, every time I call someone is there to answer the phone right away and whenever I stop by to pick up packages (which is quite often) someone is always there to help. They usually take lunch breaks between 1-3pm which is when I try to avoid heading over. It's not that big of a deal if you ask me. —AngelaN

    2010-01-16 15:38:24   I moved to Ellington in August and everything was fine. The air conditioner outside my apartment is noisy but I learned that here before I signed up. Since Jan., 2010, someone moved in near my apartment with a large dog, black one, a hunting dog the size of a small horse and the owner used to go around with the dog without a leash. I complained to the management office but the dog still goes around like before. I talked to the dog owner today. The man showed me a leash which is completely inside his pocket and the woman told me that the dog is not on me. I talked to the management office again. The girl in the office said that she will send an email to the owner. I have a strong feeling that the management regards my complaint as overreacted. If you have kids or you do not feel comfortable to have a really large dog going around your front door from time to time all by itself. you should avoid living here.


      2010-02-11 16:45:52   I, personally, really like living at Ellington. It is so quiet, they're pet friendly and didn't charge a $1000 deposit like other places. The extra $35/month for my dogs is not that bad. Any maintenance issue I've had, they come within a day or two which is perfectly reasonable. Once, I had a leak under my sink, he came an hour later. I recently renewed my lease to stay another year and my rent actually went down. As for utilities, I've done some shopping around(wanting to find out for myself!) and most places do require that tenant pay for water, sewage, and trash. It's true, watch where you step, because some tenants don't pick up after their pets. That is not the manager's fault. Yes, the complex is old but so are most in Davis. I know, I've lived in a few of them. Also, I don't believe management is racist because that is ILLEGAL! This is Davis. You are not going to find the Taj Mahal or anything close to it. This is no suprise, people! If you're looking for new and shiny, by all means, you wont find it here. But you will find a quiet and comfortable apartment that works just fine for me. I'd recommend it. —Emily507

      2010-02-15 11:29:06   For the big dog, I saw the dog a few times this week. Every time, the dog is on a leash. The air conditioner unit outside my apartment stopped making the noise. The management has done something to improve the living experience here.


        2010-07-19 01:13:36   I am a grad student who recently renewed my lease with Ellington. I like living here. I think it's quiet, and all in all I'd recommend. Only downside is location, but I have a car, so no biggie. Also when I renegotiated their lease, they actually lowered the price $10/mo for me. MAKE SURE YOU NEGOTIATE on prices, most people seemed really surprised I was able to get them to do this, but it was as simple as asking. Only downside is the gardeners are LOUD AS HELL and they show up at 8 am every tuesday. —JohnDanger

        2010-07-28 14:46:28   how far are the apartments from UCD campus? —sheilarodriguez

        It appears as if the three following comments were left by the same person, or at least from the same computer within moments of each other.

        2010-09-14 07:50:00   And no other apartments have their own anti website. Thats how much people hate this nasty place —THEDRO88

        • What's the URL? You probably should add it to the top of the entry. This is a community wiki and this is an entry about this topic (not to promote it), so an anti-website is certainly as relevant as any official websites. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

        2010-09-23 17:38:47   The worst place to live. The manager is a bitter woman and has thrown herself at the tenants. She has been deleting messages which is ridiculous. —DeBoRaH21

        2010-11-23 14:44:46   Management is not deleting user's posts. There were a few posts deleted by users affiliated with Davis Wiki that were deemed inappropriate and/or irrelevent.


          2010-11-23 15:54:31   I did delete a post from the page that was a duplicate. I am completely unaffiliated with the apartments, and have never worked or lived there. There have been other defamatory posts by one-off accounts that seem to have been created for the specific purpose of slandering the management, which is not useful to people who want information about the apartments. Those were also deleted by other wiki users, who are not (to my knowledge) associated with the apartments. —JoePomidor

          2011-02-17 14:27:58   One of the main reasons I decided not to live here: If you go on their website, there's a $35/month pet rent. Which I can only understand as a way of discouraging people from owning pets as I do not see how a pet could possibly cost the complex any money. I'm not losing over $400 per year just because I have a cat. AND- IF YOU READ THEIR PET POLICY: It states that they require cats to be declawed. (which is border-line animal cruelty. Although it is still technically legal here, it is illegal in most countries and almost most veterinarians here will refuse to do it unless there's a legitimate medical reason to do so.) —KarinaSnapp

          • Karina, thank you for your feedback. We do charge $35/month pet rent per pet. We absolutely do not want to discourage anyone from owning a pet, in fact we welcome it with a very lenient pet policy (i.e. no weight limit on dogs, low pet deposits, etc.). The extra monthly charge is simply an amenity charge. Some communities charge extra monthly for parking, we charge extra monthly for pets. We no longer require cats be declawed, as this was difficult to enforce and not needed. Fuller

          2011-05-27 12:39:02   EPIC FAIL: I called to make an appointment to see an apartment, and was quoted a $15 flat rate pet rent for my two cats. When I came to view the place, not only was the apartment I wanted to look at not available to see, they upped the pet rent to $35 PER CAT. Do NOT bother with Ellington if you are a cat owner. —LauraGYoung

          2011-05-27 12:45:58   Regarding cat de-clawing: The pet policy on their website makes no mention of requiring cats to be de-clawed. Below is the quote exactly, if you can provide something else that supports your assertion it would be helpful to us cat owners. Regardless, I would steer clear of Ellington if you are a cat owner.

          We welcome you and your best friend, too!

          Looking for a new home for you and your pet? We are one of the few pet friendly communities in the area and enthusiastically welcome you and your pet (Some restrictions apply).

          Pet Overview: Dogs and cats welcome. Your pet must be one year of age, have had health check and shots and be spayed or neutered. A signed animal addendum is required to be on file in our leasing office.

          Deposit and Pet Rent: $250 pet deposit and $35 monthly pet rent

          Additional Details: We also welcome your domestic pet if it is a bird or fish with written approval from our onsite management team. No reptiles or exotic animals please. Fish tanks are not to exceed 55 gallons.

          Support Animals: If the animal is a service animal for a disabled person, pet deposits are not necessary and breed restrictions do not apply. A signed Letter Regarding Support Animals from a qualified professional verifying the need for the service animal along with proof of current rabies shots and licenses (if legally applicable) is required.

          Breed Restrictions: We welcome all breeds of dogs at least one year old, except the following breed or mixed breed: Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Chow, Dalmatian, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Husky, Pit Bull Terriers*, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard and Wolf Dog Hybrids.* (including all Pit Bull breeds - American Pit Bull Terriers, American or Irish Straffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls, American Bull Dogs, and Presa Canario.) We reserve the right to add additional restricted breeds at any time. —LauraGYoung

          • Laura, we apologize you were quoted the wrong pet rent amount. It is likely you spoke with someone from our centralized leasing office/ answering site. There are rare occasions they quote wrong information. As far as not being able to see a specific apartment, we do have a policy of only showing completely rent ready apartments. We do have a model home that we are able to show at all times that is very similar to most of our floor plans. As I’ve mentioned above, we have a very lenient pet policy by offering low deposits and no weight limits, only breed restrictions. The extra monthly cost is an amenity charge. Some communities charge for parking, we charge for pets. —Fuller

          2011-07-25 16:32:25   We are being forced to move out for not signing another year long contract. They won't even let us pay for another half a month to make moving easier. Oh well, this place is infested with spiders and mice anyways. Do not live here. —SeanPatch

          • Sean, thank you for your post. Along with many Davis apartment communities, we begin our Fall renewals and leasing very early in the year. We began sending out renewal letters to you in early January 2011, with a follow up letter every couple of weeks. Each letter strongly emphasized the deadline in which you needed to renew your lease by or you would have to move out at the end of your lease. Unfortunately, those apartments that did not renew their lease by the deadline were available to rent to prospective residents looking to move in when your lease expires. As many people are familiar, there is a very quick turn period for August/September move outs and move in. When you came in to us at the end of July asking for an extension, there was no other alternative we could offer to the person that had already leased your apartment for just a couple days after you were scheduled to move out.

          Ellington employs a bi-weekly pest control service that does preventative spraying around our community and monitors our bait boxes for rodents. Any requests from residents to have the inside of their apartment treated is free. According to our pest control, spiders are everywhere in Davis and their season lasts through summer until about the end of October. They stated there is nothing we can do about them, just knock down the webs and they will go right back up. Many areas in Davis have to combat these eight-legged pests! Although less often, any incidents that involve mice are taken very seriously and we do everything we can to get rid of the pesky visitor. Ellington sits near the edge of town, closer to fields and agriculture than many parts of town and we do what we can to prevent them from coming inside. However, even the most prestigious neighborhoods are not exempt from experiencing spiders and mice.

          If there is any other issues you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact our office at any time. Best wishes for you in your new home. —Fuller

          2011-09-16 09:00:40   Have lived here for a year and a half, Have not had any trouble with the manager=Chelsie at all.She was out for awhile having a baby so maybe the bitter comments are about the replacments. They have fixed any problem I have had without fail.I like the quiet and the trees here also. The comment about the giant dog was valid, The dog was very nice but the couple did not get it about letting him run around off leash. He is gone now, I did not complain about him as I love dogs. All in all I would say this is a great place to live. —roblaflin

          • Thank you, Rob! We always strive to thrill our residents with the best service we can offer. As always, please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your apartment home more comfortable. —Fuller

          2011-09-29 13:04:29   This is an updated comment on management: so by now we've been living here for 2 years, and with the new addition to management (there is Chelsie, who has always been great and has been here for about a year I believe, and now there is Nathan who just recently started), they make living here really enjoyable honestly. I can't tell you how helpful Nathan is. This is an old building so it's bound to have problems: cracks in the wall/around windows that allow bugs to come in, leaky faucets, broken mailbox locks, etc. but Nathan is very quick to let maintenance know and they fix it up right away. So those things really don't bother me because they're solved immediately. Also, I'm constantly shopping online and so I'm always getting packages delivered to the office, but they're really chill about it and overall they're both extremely nice and helpful people. If I had to move to another apartment complex, I honestly wouldn't want to because I'm not sure if I'd be able to receive this kind of treatment anywhere else. —AngelaN

          • Angela, thank you for the nice comments. Nathan is a great leasing agent, we have gotten so many compliments about him! We wish we could have him here more than he is, but he is in high demand and his skills are being enjoyed at one of our sister communities for the most part. —Fuller

          2012-01-19 17:08:13   I've lived at Ellington for 3 years and this is a new place. We have new, phenomenal managers and for the women- a hunka hunka male office staff, and a maintenance man who if he can't fix it, it can't be fixed. The spa is in the process of getting up and running and the fitness center has all new equipment for a whole body work out. Free water in the fitness center too. You just can't get a better place in town for the price, or any other place for that matter. Oh yeah, we have a beautiful manager but she is married but you can still look, guys. We can all window shop! —RubyAL

          2013-09-02 14:17:06   I have lived here for over a year and I can honestly say that I have had zero problems. The staff is nice, maintenance gets done pretty fast, they are doing repairs and making the complex nicer, and it has been, overall, a pretty great place to live. Also, I like how it is close to gas stations and grocery stores, etc. However, I do have two gripes about the complex. The first is the parking spaces. they are SO small, it seriously takes practice to get into them, but its not that big a deal. The other is that sometimes if you have a package but also work during the day, it is hard to get home in time to get them, so you may wait awhile before you can grab them. They should add the package boxes to the mail area like most complexes have. Other than those two minor things its a pretty good place to live and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. —ChristopherPeeters

          2014-01-13 15:58:52   well, let talk about the good things first. 1. affordable housing program $1050 for 2B2B w/ free water and trash which is not that bad. 2. my unit was new remodeled. pretty clean and no mildew thing. 3. it has a fireplace. pretty cool and you may use it!. COOL!! 4. Good layouts! love the kitchen and bathroom. 5. you have a owned parking spot. there's always guest parking or street parking. 6. very close to freeway (Mace Exit) but quiet. 7. they just repaint whole apartment and looks nice.

          Bad things 1. WTF is wrong with the office? close 3 to 4 days per week. if you have a package, you better pick up as soon as u can, otherwise you gonna wait for weeks. 2. the office ladies always change. 3. the office always took a super long lunch break and left early. 4. they have 24hr. maintenance line, but they wont show up after least 5 to 8 days.

          The office part. it really bothers me. i think they better do some adjustment on the office hour !!


            2014-05-05 02:45:15   Lots of roaches wouldn't recommend this apartments —Dantevillarreal

            2014-10-05 12:40:08   Oh Ellington,

            I'd love to leave a detailed list of our experiences here. But rather than rant, I would like to give you, the potential future tenant, a personal, detailed account. Please email BestTenantEverDavis AT gmail DOT com and I will educate you about this place.

            Yes, this is obviously a less than personal address, but I would like to avoid any encounters with management (and spam to my personal email/phone number) - just want to give you a full, unbiased account of all that Ellington has (and has not!) to offer. —GehBlau