1300 East Covell Boulevard
West side of Oak Tree Plaza
Mon-Fri 9am-7pm
Sat 9am-6pm
Sun 10am-5pm
(530) 758-8388

First Lady Nails is a manicure and pedicure establishment. They charge $30 for a manicure/pedicure. *To learn about other businesses in Davis that provide professional aesthetic services, visit our Beauty Salons and Barber Shops page.

What did you think of First Lady?

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2007-04-02 16:48:46   No A/C. Lots of flies, not very clean, waited forever. I will never visit First Lady Nails again. I found Y2K Nails to be much nicer for manicures/pedicures and Smooth as Silk was better for waxing.—SamanthaBallard

2007-05-16 12:44:08   The only really clean nail salon my daughters and I have found yet. We should all take our own toolkit everytime, in any case! But these guys disinfect everything between clients, including basins. Very important. We often have to wait, though. And performance is uneven depending on which tech you get. Still, our favorite because it's cleanest we've found. —FreddieOakley

2007-12-29 11:42:57   I have been to every nail place in town and First Lady is my choice. I never go anywhere else now. They are very good at juggling walk-ins and somehow they get to everyone quickly. Peter and Mai are the owners and the other staff seem to come and go. It is a real family business and they are so nice and friendly. I also see people I know and it is always relaxing. One writer said they have no air conditioning, but I was never aware of that. It is very clean in my opinion and well kept. I have gone there for several years and have never had any nail problems. Their nails don't fall off, like some do. I like their waxing service, too. —christinecipperly

2008-04-16 23:17:00   I caused quite a controversy today when I asked for two nail colors at First Lady Nails. When I first walked in the two ladies who worked there were lounging in pedicure booths, they asked me what I wanted and when I told them I would like a manicure they argued over who would get up to help me. After I chose my nail colors they argued amongst themselves for a good half an hour whether or not they should charge me $3 extra or $5 extra for the second color. Neither of them talked to me at all during the manicure. The time spent where there was no arguing between the two ladies was filled with awkward silences, except for the time when one lady hovered over me and told me that my index fingers were "too short for a manicure, you know this, right?" When I was through with my manicure I offered the lady who did my nails a $3 tip and she rolled her eyes at me when accepting it. There was a man behind the counter when I first came in to First Lady nails as well, and he was arguing with someone trying to sell him something over the phone by saying, "Business is slow right now and I'm broke, I can't afford what you're selling. This is purely conjecture, but maybe they are so slow because they've chased away their customers with their rude service! In the past I've had my nails done at Y2K Nails in Downtown Davis and they have never had any trouble letting me get two colors with a price of $2 extra for the second color. They always make polite conversation with me to make sure I am in a relaxed atmosphere, and never roll their eyes rudely when I offer tips... If you want service I'd recommend Y2K Nails, if you want drama..... First Lady. —DaniClark

2008-05-21 18:03:32   I've been to other nail salons in Davis, and First Lady Nails is the only one that I keep returning to. I love the people that work there - they're polite and funny. The remodeled salon is so classy. I also appreciate the stock of magazines they keep on hand. Anyone who says they're arguing or rude hasn't spent any amount of time at this salon, Peter and Mai are so nice! —AynReyes

2008-05-28 12:06:04   I went here today for a pedicure and had a great experience. It was very clean and the massage chairs are awesome. The woman did a good job on my pedicure and I will definitely be coming here next time. —littlelemur

2008-06-11 19:35:48   I just went to get a manicure and pedicure today. I have not had a pedicure for a few years because I have not found anywhere in Davis where they don't use jets. At this place they use a stone basin which they disinfect after each person, the man that did mine even cleaned it in front of me. This made me feel very comfortable with their sanitation. I had a great experience. It is affordable and the staff is friendly. Most importantly, I know I won't get some fungus on my feet because they are VERY clean! —leahgue

2008-07-09 15:03:44   I went into First Lady Nails today by default (I was actually looking for another place but couldn't find it) and I had a very nice experience. It was about 106 degrees outside and the temperature inside was very cool and comfortable. I found the place to be clean, prompt and relaxing. The ladies were not super friendly but they smiled and were pleasant. I will definitely go there again. —abcmiah

2008-08-16 14:32:08   This place is very nice & clean, they have been recently remodeled and it looks great. Peter the owner is the best & very friendly. —jwendt

2008-08-23 13:21:54   I would not reccomend this nail salon! I went in and asked for silk wraped nails, and one of the women put acrylic powder on my nails. I asked her what she was doing and she said that it was silk powder (which doesn't exist!!). I told her that silk wraped nails were not supposed to have any powder on them, and she said I didn't know what I was talking about. My old roomate was in beauty school the whole time we were living together and she told me that the lady at the nail salon was full of crap! This place sucks! —AndreaG

2008-09-12 13:11:09   Went in here yesterday for a basic pedi. The woman who assisted me was fantastic. She did a great job. My nails were in bad shape since it had been a while since I had last gotten one (about a month). The place is clean and everything is sterile. I didn't see anything shady (and I watch for that stuff because I'm quite the germephobe). $27 for a basic pedi is steep, but I think it's worth paying—just for peace of mind. I'm paranoid about getting some gnarly infection. I usually go to Sacramento for my pedicures, but I think I'm going to become a regular here now that I know they provide quality service. —CurlyGirl26

2009-07-01 09:35:59   BEST Nail place I've been thus far in Davis. The lady gave me a full set. Best nails I've ever gotten. She cut them short like I asked and they are gorgeous! We talked the whole time so it didn't feel like a long time getting them done. I did not have to wait at all. Gave the lady a big tip. I also have spoken with the manager and he is very nice and I love how he closes on Sunday so everyone can enjoy the day with their families. I have gotten pedicures there too and the massage chairs are to die for. Even when I had to wait 15-20 min during a very busy spell, I was relaxed and enjoying the chair. —doggies9

2009-08-29 21:49:58   I think First Lady Nails is wonderful. I always feel very relaxed there and the staff have without exception always been very courteous and friendly. Another thing that I really appreciate is that the staff - managers and co-workers alike - seem to treat each other with respect. I haven't always seen that at other salons. First Lady is definitely my favorite salon in Davis. Tip: their sign on the door says that they close on Saturdays at 5:00, but they frequently stay open quite a bit after that. —davisdebbie

2009-10-27 18:02:20   i came here since it was recommended by a friend. i will never come back...my nail tech yelled out in vietnamese 95% through my manicure. i can only tolerate 50% of personal conversation. at least include me in. it was uncomfortable and gave me a headache since it was clearly the same decibel as in a busy restaurant. the cuticle clipping was also rough and painful. she wiped the clippings on the towel after and used that same towel to wipe off my hands. i ended up with my cuticle clippings all over my hand and she didn't notice. that's disgusting even if its from myself. there was also a hefty amount of the clear top coat under every single one of my nails. i politely asked my second nail tech (they switch half way) to clean it. she said it'll come off when you wash your hands and then cleaned it. how rude...the only good thing i can say about this place is the massage with good pressure and the straight lines of my french tip. i'm over this place —tapioca.queen

2010-05-21 14:30:33   I love this place. I have been going here since they opened 8 years ago. Peter and Mai are amazing. They are very professional and friendly with a great sense of humor. I highly recommend First Lady Nails! —AngelaGerould

2010-10-12 13:36:42   First of all, I LOVE Peter. He is the nicest human being I have ever met. Although we didn't get that much of a conversation going, I can tell he's a very kind man. Unfortunately, I will NEVER return to this nail salon. Why? Because I absolutely cannot stand the nail technician, Mai. Little did she know, I'm Vietnamese and understood every sh*t talking thing she said about me and other customers. She missed the corners when removing my nail polish and when I asked her to try to remove only ONE of the ten corners she left, she immediately said in Vietnamese "this girl is going to be a difficult girl, I can tell. She's not going to be easy to handle". Why? Simply because I asked her to fix something she was being careless about. All that I could still stand, the main reason that I refuse to return to this place is through the entire hour, she literally put Peter down in ever way possible. Too bad Peter has to work here, because I would have definitely returned for him if it weren't for these other reasons. Overall, Nails: 4/10 (I got a full set with glitter tips) Pedicure:8.5/10 (because Peter is awesome!)Price: Pedicure wasn't too bad, $22. Nails, I can definitely go to other places that are cheaper and offer the same/better design/quality, $37. —pinkstuff

2011-05-21 22:07:14   Where should I begin? I came here two weeks ago for a manicure because it was the closest salon to my apartment complex: HUGE MISTAKE. It took over an hour to get just a manicure, the lady criticizing the length of my nails ("too short!") and admonishing me for having skin that is too sensitive (umm... yes, skin tends to be sensitive when someone is cutting it and making it bleed). She applied three different top coats before the red polish I had chosen even dried and when my nails went under the "uv light" they changed from red to purple where she had taken the time to apply the top coat (one nail was completely missed and the lowest part of my nails stayed red because she hadn't put the top coat all the way on my nail). Then the polish proceeded to bubble and did not dry at all. When I pointed out what had happened they told me that the lady who had painted my nails had applied a top coat intended for plastic tips... Not once did they apologize for wasting my time or mixing chemicals that shouldn't be mixed on my fingernails. Two and a half hours after entering the salon I was able to leave with red nails that I could have painted myself. Overall experience: D-. —JennyAnnMcAllister