This photo of Blondies New York Pizza Company is courtesy of TripAdvisor

In the vein of the Davis Trinity, the Fish Bowl Crawl surveys a particular niche of alcoholic drink in Davis, the Fish Bowl. For the uninitiated, a Fish Bowl contains several servings mixed and served in an actual fish bowl. Straws are provided to facilitate sharing.

The challenge consists of two stops, best performed with a group of friends: 

Lazi Cow serves fish bowls of alcoholic boba - you get to choose your flavor from options like Tipsy Cow, Like a G6, Dooda Nae Nae, or I like pina cowladas.

- Blondies (now Parkside Bar & Lounge) also makes Fish Bowls, which are 50% off on Fridays now Thursdays.

Completing the crawl gives you better bragging rights than the Davis Trinity, and the Fish Bowl Crawl is not advertised by any DUI attorney

Additional Challenges:

Complete the fish bowl challenge on swings. Both Lazi Cow and Parkside Bar & Lounge offer swing seating options.

Fake Fish Bowls:

- Although Red 88 serves "fish bowls," they are just a large amount of alcohol in a pitcher masquerading as a fish bowl. As this "fish bowl" is served with glasses instead of straws, it is a fish bowl in advertised name only.