Lake Tahoe can be reached by getting on the 80 and either staying on it or switching to the 50. If you stay on 80 you can take 267 (North Shore Boulevard) or 89 (West River Road) to the north shore. 50 takes you to South Lake Tahoe.

UC Davis maintains a research station that houses the Tahoe Research Group to study the lake. In July 2010, UC Davis opened its Eriksson Education Center in Tahoe City. The location has been used as a research center since 1975, but the main building and surrounding area have undergone substantial renovation since then.

Tahoe Lodging

Plenty of places to stay around Tahoe

  • Reno(lots of casinos)
  • South Lake Tahoe(some casinos)
  • Truckee Tahoe City
  • Vaction rental around the lake

Reno is the cheapest stay in Tahoe region. South Lake Tahoe is the 2nd cheapest stay.

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