MarionEveridge graduated from UC Davis in 2008.

She served as managing editor of The California Aggie for the 2006-2007 school year. Prior to that, she worked as a campus reporter and a sales representative for the Aggie.

After some controversy erupted at the paper in May 2007, she became interim editor in chief and oversaw the transition of the new staff. See The California Aggie Controversies for more information.

   The California Aggie Staff   2006 — 2007
Editor in Chief
Peter Hamilton
Managing Editor
Marion Everidge
Campus Editor
Talia Kennedy
Features Editor
Talia Kennedy
City Editor
E. Ashley Wright
Arts Editor
Melanie B. Glover
Sports Editor
Peter Ng
Copy Chief
Kacey Coburn
Science and Tech Editor
Michael Steinwand
Photography editor
Eric Lin